Do Dry Cleaners Clean Rugs?

Do Dry Cleaners Clean Rugs

Do Dry Cleaners Clean Rugs? Of the many cleaning methods available for rugs, dry cleaning may be the most convenient. Most dry cleaners will clean a rug on the same day using various tools. However, it is important to note that dry cleaning may not be the most effective method for cleaning carpets. Vomit and … Read more

Does Gatorade Stain? How To Clean Gatorade Stains?

Does Gatorade Stain

Does Gatorade Stain? While Gatorade is a flavorful and easily recognizable drink, it can easily stain carpet, clothes, and furniture if not cleaned correctly. When it comes to effectively cleaning Gatorade, it is all about using a strong cleaning solution and the correct cleaning method. Known for its electrolytes and multiple flavors, Gatorade is a … Read more

How to Clean Faux Fur Rug

How to Clean Faux Fur Rug

When it comes to how to clean faux fur rugs, there are five critical steps to follow. These steps are vacuuming, washing, rinsing, drying, and brushing. Following these steps will effectively clean any faux fur rug and make it look as good as new. Faux fur rugs generate many differing opinions. From the style to … Read more

How to Clean a Messy Room

How to Clean a Messy Room

Wondering how to clean a messy room quickly and easily? keeping a messy room clean comes down to consistency and a few simple cleaning tasks. If you have been struggling to clean your messy room, we suggest you follow the steps laid out in this article and see if it helps. Here are the six … Read more

Can You Use Oxiclean on Colors?

Can You Use Oxiclean on Colors

Can You Use Oxiclean on Colors? Yes, you use OxiClean on colors. Oxiclean is a powerful cleaning solution that can be used for laundry, floor cleaning, and spot cleaning tasks. When using OxiClean in your laundry routine for colored clothes, there are a few things you need to be aware of to ensure it does … Read more