Bissell Spot Clean Pro Review 2021

Bissell is recognized the world over for producing quality carpet cleaners. The Bissell Spot Clean Pro doesn’t fall short of Bissell’s quality standards. It is one of the most powerful in its class when it comes to stain and spot removal. This cleaner features an ergonomic design and it is also lightweight. In this post, we take a look at the Bissell Spot Clean Pro, it’s features, performance, pros, and cons.

How Bissell Spot Clean Pro works

Cleaning up stains and spots can be a real headache especially if they reach deep into the carpet. Not every carpet cleaner is efficient enough to help you achieve this. What everyone wants in a carpet cleaner is efficiency and lightweight so that you can get high-performance and easy maneuverability.

This is exactly what the Bissell Spot Clean Pro brings to the table. It is portable and handy so it will help you with the smaller jobs as well. The cleaner has decent-sized tanks and a very powerful motor. It also comes with dedicated accessories. Mix all of these and removing stains from your carpet and upholstery becomes a simple task altogether.

It is not all praise for the Bissell Spot Clean Pro as it has a few flaws. For example, the hose is shorter than what you see in most cleaners of the same class. This means that you will find it difficult to clean around certain corners and beneath furniture pieces. Another challenge is emptying the bin, it is always messy.

Other than these challenges, this cleaner offers you a stellar performance with each task. It is excellent on both carpets and upholstery pieces. Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t a full-sized carpet cleaner so you shouldn’t expect it to be as powerful. Regardless, you will find it handy with cleaning up those very small spaces.

Design and Features of the Bissell Spot Clean Pro

How do you feel when you see an old stain on your carpet? You must have tried everything that you can to get the stain off but it doesn’t seem to fade one bit. That must be very frustrating. One way to get such stubborn stains off is by using a portable carpet cleaner like the Bissell Spot Clean Pro.

Just so you know, there are several products in this same class on the market. So what exactly makes the Bissell Spot Clean Pro special? The first thing that you will notice with this cleaner is that it sacrifices the floor head to achieve powerful performance. When you compare this cleaner to the regular upright cleaners, it is far smaller in size.

Because of its size, this cleaner is very easy to store away so it doesn’t take up much real estate. Its size also means that it is very easy to set up and maneuver. This comes in handy when there is an emergency stain that you need to clean up urgently.

Many people will look down on this cleaner’s ability to deliver top-notch performance because of its size. This is a good point to sound a warning to you, this petite machine comes with a very powerful motor. It has a 750-watt motor, add this to its 2.5-liter tank and you have a machine that ranks with the top guns. Let’s not leave out the huge waste tank that has enough room to handle dirt.

What this means is that you don’t have to make too many trips to change the water in the tank during use. It also means that you wouldn’t need to empty the waste tank frequently when cleaning your carpet. One of the major reasons why people rate this cleaner so high is the operation.

Operating the Bissell Spot Clean Pro is probably easier than a stroll in the park. All you need to do is add some clean water to the tank and some warm detergent mix. Spray this over the stain and trigger up the wand. This agitates the solution straight into your carpet using a brush. It then vacuums up the dirty moisture via the nozzle. Simple, right?

Weight is always a point of discussion when choosing portable carpet cleaners. If you want to buy a portable cleaner, then it should be very portable. The Bissell Spot Clean Pro ticks this box comfortably as it weighs a little less than 6kg. This is including one of the accessories and the cable fitted.

The cleaner comes with a handle that is mounted right at the center. This smoothly contoured piece makes it easy for anyone to lift the cleaner and move it around. Even when the tank, which weighs 2.5kg when full, is attached, this cleaner still weighs less than 8.5kg. This still fits the description of portable. You don’t have to fill up the tank most times since this cleaner is mostly for cleaning small stains.

To ensure that the cable and hose are stored up properly, there are pegs on the two sides of the cleaner. There is a rotating clip that keeps the hose wand in place while there is a molded cable clip to hold the plug. With both mechanisms in place, you will find it easy to store this machine away without worry.

Cable length is also another important talking point when choosing a portable cleaner. Since it is a portable cleaner, you don’t expect it to have an excessively long power cable. However, it should be long enough to allow you some freedom when cleaning. The cable on this portable cleaner is 6.6 meters long. This is a sensible length as it isn’t too long or short, it is just perfect.

Where we have a little problem is the hose. While it stores easily because it is short, it affects your work when cleaning. It is just 1.3 meters long and will increase by a few centimeters when you add an accessory. This means that the cleaning reach is very short and you may need to bend most of the time. That’s more stress and extended cleaning periods for you.

Not to worry, the Bissell Spot Clean Pro creates a good balance between storage convenience and weight and performance. What this cleaner lacks in hose length, it makes up for with its performance.

Usually, vacuum cleaners that are designed to look like cylinders come with wheels. This cleaner has a different design and has no wheels. Instead, it sits on the floor or stairs solidly. While this may be a disadvantage, it makes it easier for you to use the cleaner on the stairs.

If you are looking for a sturdy build, the Bissell Spot Clean Pro is solid in this area. However, it doesn’t have much built-in storage space. The cleaner comes with two cleaning accessories but has accommodation for just one. You have to put the other accessory somewhere in your storage cupboard.

Accessories of the Bissell Spot Clean Pro

What’s a carpet cleaner without the necessary accessories to go with? One of the important factors to watch out for when choosing a carpet cleaner is the accessories. The Bissell Spot Clean Pro doesn’t do so much when it comes to accessories, to be frank. Nonetheless, there are a few that we must discuss in this review.

It comes with a 2.5-liter clean tank. While some folks don’t consider this an accessory, the size does it for us. This tank presents you with more than enough fluid to clean up an annoying stain or spot. You can even use this to clean up care seats and a whole sofa to make them fresher.

What else comes with the package? There is a sample bottle of the professional cleaning fluid from Bissell. It only contains 236ml of the fluid so you will need to get another one very soon. We rate the cleaning fluid very highly because asides from its performance, it is also lightly perfumed. A full tank requires about 50ml of this solution and double of this for very tough stains.

The cleaner doesn’t come with a measuring cup in the package. As a result, if you have to use less than a full tank, you must calculate by yourself. A regular kitchen scale might come in handy for this. Filling up the clean tank is very easy, except that you need to negotiate the lock ring and pull out the tube. You are most likely going to spill a lot of fluid while doing this.

It is even more difficult to deal with the dirty water tank. There is no filler cap so it relies on a pair of downward-facing open slots sitting on top of the tank. This means that you need to tilt the tank and rotate it just to get rid of wastewater. It is almost impossible to achieve this without getting yourself dirty in the process.

Performance of the Bissell Spot Clean Pro

One of the key factors to watch out for when considering the performance of carpet cleaners is the noise. Some cleaners make a lot of noise that cleaning becomes unbearable. That’s not the case with the Bissell Spot Clean Pro. It produces just 82dB so it isn’t too noisy instead, it delivers top-notch suction power.

You should be wary of squeezing the trigger too tight though. This is because of the wide arc of the spray. With a one-second burst, you’ll have a huge amount of fluid pouring out. This could flood your carpet if you are not careful, causing you more harm than good. You’ll have to practice a little when you just purchase this cleaner so that you can get used to the operation.

There are two brushes in the package that look very identical. They are only different in their sizes. Both come with stiff bristles, a vacuum slot, and a spray nozzle. The vacuum slot is designed with plastic and it runs all through the front end of the tool. The only challenge with these pieces is that while they are easy to rinse, removing them is very difficult.

Nonetheless, the brushes are very efficient with agitating the fibers of carpets and getting out stains. The suction power is compressed into a very small slot in the tool so that it can pull up dirt and moisture easily. One thing that users are assured of with this cleaner is that it cleans very efficiently.

Why You Should Buy the Bissell Spot Clean Pro

Like we have stated over and over in this review, the Bissell Spot Clean Pro is a very portable device. While it is very portable, it is designed to deliver top-notch performance on each use. With this cleaner, you can easily get rid of both emergency and old stains and spots on your carpet.

Like we have told you earlier, it has a very short hose so cleaning might be a little too stressful. However, it makes up for this with the power that the motor delivers. This means that you don’t have to expend too much effort cleaning up stains or spots.

The cleaner delivers a generous spray of liquid upon squeezing the trigger. This means that you need to be careful when squeezing the trigger so that you don’t flood your carpet. The Bissell Spot Clean Pro is not just a carpet cleaner. It is also great for upholstery pieces and car seats. Storing up this cleaner is just a delight as it doesn’t consume so much storage space.

Our Verdict

There is no doubt that the Bissell Spot Clean Pro is an amazing product. However, it seems to cost a little too much for a portable carpet cleaner. Asides from this, it is very efficient and delivers very high performance.


  • Great on the stairs.
  • Efficient with car seats and upholstery pieces.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Stores easily.
  • Long power cord.
  • Large tanks.


  • Short hose.
  • Filling the tanks is tricky and difficult.
  • Not great with cleaning a whole carpet.

Key specifications

  • 3m hose
  • 5l clean tank
  • 6m cable
  • 750W motor
  • Larger upholstery tool
  • Small stain tool