Does Gatorade Stain? How To Clean Gatorade Stains?

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Does Gatorade Stain? While Gatorade is a flavorful and easily recognizable drink, it can easily stain carpet, clothes, and furniture if not cleaned correctly. When it comes to effectively cleaning Gatorade, it is all about using a strong cleaning solution and the correct cleaning method.

Known for its electrolytes and multiple flavors, Gatorade is a popular drink for sporting events. In fact, I would bet a few people searching for the answer to this question may have been doused in Gatorade following a great sporting victory.

As we said earlier, Gatorade does stain. However, lasting stains only occur if the spot is not treated shortly after occurring.

If you are wondering how to remove Gatorade stains, the steps in this guide will provide a general guideline for how to clean Gatorade from all types of surfaces. Following these steps will remove stains from anything colored or white and keep your home and clothes looking fantastic!

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How to Clean Gatorade Stains on Clothes

Removing Gatorade stains from clothes is a fairly simple process. If a spot occurs, blot the area with a clean cloth soaked in cool water and Oxiclean. Then, toss the garment into the laundry machine.

Be sure to wash clothing within a few hours to prevent the stain from setting.

How to Clean Gatorade Stains from Carpeting

If you have carpeting and find yourself battling Gatorade stains, use a cleaning solution that matches the color of your carpet. On colored carpeting, be sure to get out as much of the liquid as possible using a wet paper towel.

Make sure you do not further spread the stain by walking on it or rubbing it too hard! Using a VacMop such as a Bissell CrossWave is another great way to clean Gatorade stains from the carpet.

How to Clean Gatorade Stains on Hardwood Flooring

Gatorade can stain hardwood flooring and it is important to clean the liquid as soon as possible. To do this, use a wet cloth and blot the Gatorade up. Then, use a mop or steam mop to go over the area.

Hardwood floors are easily scratched and can be damaged by improper cleaning methods. So make sure you are not using excessive force or heat when cleaning your hardwood floor. Also, choosing the right cleaning solution is essential.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Gatorade
This Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is my preference for cleaning Gatorade stains.

My favorite cleaning product to clean Gatorade stains from Hardwood floors is the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning Solution. Just add a little bit of the cleaning solution with warm water and Gatorade stains will come right out.

How to Clean Gatorade Stains on Vinyl Floor

If you have vinyl flooring, you do not need to worry about how to clean Gatorade from it. Vinyl floors are easy to clean and do not stain easily. In fact, it is recommended that you simply use a steam mop instead of using chemicals on vinyl floors.

A steam mop will effectively remove almost any stains from Gatorade stains. They are a great investment for anyone with vinyl floors. My favorite is the Bissell CrossWave, which you can read more about below.

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How to Clean Gatorade Stains from Tables and Chairs

If you find yourself with a table or chair that has been stained by Gatorade, do not worry. You can easily clean Gatorade stains from tables and chairs with a cloth and warm water. If the stain is particularly big, you may want to use a cleaning agent to fully remove any stickiness.

Are Gatorade Stains Permanents?

Once the stain occurs, it is important to clean it as soon as possible. Gatorade stains that are left untreated will eventually become permanent. However, even permanent stains can be removed if you act fast enough.

Do all Gatorade Colors Stain?

Yes, all colors of Gatorade stain. Red, Blue, Green, And Yellow are the colors that leave the most distinct and troublesome stains. However, if you follow the steps above you will have no problems cleaning any colored Gatorade stain.

Final Thoughts – Does Gatorade Stain?

As most of us know, the key to getting out stains is prevention. To eliminate or prevent future Gatorade spots on your carpeting, furniture, and clothes make sure you blot the area before it sets.

When using a cleaning agent to clean up any leftover residue from the Gatorade spot be sure that you are using something safe for your carpeting or flooring.

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