Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot?

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Are wondering why do bagless vacuum cleaners breakdown a lot? Vacuum cleaners are very important for a perfectly clean home and can either be bagged or bagless. Bagless vacuum cleaners use filters to trap dirt in a dirt cup or chamber that can then be emptied.

While bagged vacuum cleaners use a bag as a filter to trap the dirt while allowing air to flow through. One similarity between both types is that the fuller the unit gets, the less efficient it will become.

In the USA market today, bagless vacuum cleaners outsell bagged vacuum cleaners as it has gained more popularity. This article will consider Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot?

It will also examine how you can maintain your bagless vacuum cleaner so that it will last longer. But to help us understand Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot? first, we will look at how the bagless vacuum cleaner works.

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How do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Work?  

When using a bagless vacuum cleaner you do not have to worry about forgetting to empty the bag. They are easy to use and there is a clear view of the dirt and debris in the cup. All you need is to check if the dirt has met the fill line then you can empty the cup.

However, many bagless vacuum cleaners also have filters that need to be brushed, washed, and dried. And emptying the dirt cup can as well be a messy process depending on the model. Sometimes dust billows back out of the cup, or you may even have to pull or shake out caked dirt from the container.

Pros of a bagless vacuum cleaner:

  • A bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive to operate and maintain than its bagged counterpart. The dirt cup on a bagless vacuum cleaner can be emptied again and again and lasts for the entire life of the machine.
  • The clear cups on bagless vacuum cleaners make it easy to see when the vacuum needs to be emptied. It is easy to see whether your vacuum is working as effectively as it should be. And it can be satisfying to see visual evidence that your vacuum cleaner is picking up dirt.
  • The reusable filters of the bagless vacuum cleaners make them more eco-friendly than the bagged vacuum cleaners. There are no filled bags that end up in the trash bin.

Cons of a bagless vacuum cleaner:

  • It requires dumping the vacuum cup which means sticking your fingers in dust and dirt.
  • Bagless vacuum cups are more time-consuming, requiring careful cleaning and drying. And you may need to clean out the cup more often than you will replace a bag.
  • The dusty “blowback” from a bagless vacuum filter can result in an allergic response.

 Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Breakdown a Lot?

So, Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot? Overheating is the most common reason why bagless vacuum cleaners break down a lot. The flow-through motor of the bagless vacuum cleaner can easily fail when exposed to bad working conditions.

This is because the motor uses the air it has sucked up dust to cool itself. To prevent the motor from burning out as a result of overheat, most bagless vacuum cleaners have thermal cut-off devices.

The thermal cut-off device is heat-sensitive, and automatically disconnects the motor’s power supply when its temperature exceeds a safe value. This prevents the vacuum’s motor from overheating to a point where it will break down completely and has to be replaced.

It also gives you the reason to check your bagless vacuum cleaner to know why the motor overheated. Whenever your vacuum shuts down unexpectedly, unplug it from the socket before checking and allow it to cool for 30 minutes before plugging back.

Overheating usually occurs due to one or more of the following:

  • Failure to empty the bagless vacuum cup immediately you notice it is full.
  • Failure to properly clean the bagless vacuum filter.
  • The presence of a blockage in the hose or another part of the vacuum can reduce airflow.
  • Presence of cracks or broken belts that impede the motor from running smoothly.

Because bagless vacuum cleaners do not have a bag, the filtration, suction, and cleaning performance are seriously reduced. This also causes the microfibers on the bagless vacuum cleaners to clog up with the captured debris.

These small particles can travel deep into the vacuum cleaner’s interior components. When the motor and circuit board become lined with fine dust and dirt, the bagless vacuum cleaner may break down easily. now that we know, Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot? Is it possible to prevent breakdowns?

Cleaning Bagless Vacuums can help Prevent Breakdowns

Did you know that cleaning a bagless vacuum can increase its lifespan? To get the most out of your bagless vacuum, follow the steps below.

  1. Clear the hose and passageways

A clogged hose is one of the common culprits of an underperforming bagless vacuum cleaner or a total breakdown. To start clearing the hose, detach the hose from the vacuum.

Then using a wire hanger, dig around in the hole where the hose connects to dislodge any hair. Once you remove the clog from this area, your vacuum will likely start working much better.

Next, you have to clear out the hose itself and bunch it up so that it is at its shortest length. Then use your wire hanger to push all the way through from beginning to end, for any additional clogs. Also, you can rinse the hose with soapy water and let it hang dry before reattaching.

  1. Dismantle and soak the main components

To start, take apart the main unit and remove all of the washable pieces from your vacuum. That is the dust bin, the cyclone piece that attaches to the top of the dust bin, and the motor filters. It also includes all of the attachments and accessories of the bagless vacuum cleaner.

After dumping all the debris that you will find in the main barrel, you have to clean all the parts. Then soak any plastic pieces in soapy water. And wipe the metal pieces down with a damp cloth and set them aside on a towel to dry.

Now you have to decide on the best course of action for your filter. It is recommended that you replace most filters every three to six months. You should not leave your filter unchanged for too long.

Not changing your bagless vacuum filter will make it lose the ability to separate dust from the air. Also, some models use more than one filter, so always refer to your handy manual to know more.

Though some filters are washable, you still need to replace them due to wear and tear. When your filter needs just a good cleaning, rinse it under warm water until it runs clear. After cleaning, gently wring out the excess water from the filter and set it aside to dry.

Finally, remove excess dust from inside the bagless vacuum cleaner using a gas duster. Remember to hit all of the sides and crevices where dust tends to collect. It is best to do this outside because you will not want to breathe in any of that dust for your health’s sake.

  1. Clean the roller brush

Detaching the roller brush when cleaning is easier than getting on your hands and knees to wrestle trapped hair. Simply use a screwdriver to remove the floor brush from the bottom of the vacuum. Then use scissors to scrape off the buildup of dirt that the roller brush has collected over time.

Plug the bagless vacuum into a socket while the roller brush is still removed and turn it on to expel any clogged dust from the passageways.

It is also recommended that you do all of this outside to avoid inhaling the dust. When you are done you should unplug the bagless vacuum cleaner from the wall socket. With all the components clean and dry, you can fit in your new filter and reassemble the vacuum cleaner.

Conclusion – Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot?

Know that we know a bit more about vacuums, we can try to understand Why do Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Breakdown a Lot? We have found that vacuums that are poorly maintained are much more prone to breaking. Therefore, to minimize the chance of breakdowns, ensure you constantly clean your bagless vacuum.