5 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair 2021

To get a perfect home clean quickly and easily, you need a reliable, durable, affordable vacuum cleaner, which are the basic features you must look out for before paying for one.

That is why we bring to you a detailed review of the best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair. In these bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair reviews, we explained in details things we like and dislike with each on our list

In case you are in a hurry to know our verdict, here it comes: BISSELL cleanview swivel rewind Pet upright bagless vacuum cleaner still remains on top of our list. Followed by other models and brands that have high ratings and acceptability among homeowners.

However, we strongly advise you to pay attention to the manufactures instruction and manual, else you will never like buying any of them.

1. BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet is on the top of our list of the best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair. It is designed to clean a home with pets using multi-cyclone technology. This provides sufficient suction power regardless of the floor type. There is an array of tools that come along in the package as well. Let’s see what makes this vacuum cleaner tick.

This best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair was designed to meet your pet’s needs. It comes with a multi-cyclone suction system that helps to eliminate loss of suction as you vacuum. There is also a swivel steering to provide you with ease as you attempt to maneuver around furniture and corners.

It has a 13.5 wide cleaning path that makes your vacuum experience quick and pleasant. Sitting on top of the dirt tank is the carrying handle to make it easy to move around the house. The design of the vacuum cleaner ensures that there is a spot for all the additional accessories. One of the sweetest features of this cleaner is the Automatic cord rewind. This feature makes it easy to put the cord away, all you need to do is push a button.

Let’s discuss the performance of this best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair. With the multi-cyclone cleaning system, you enjoy deeper cleaning on all kinds of floor surfaces. It also makes it possible to pull debris and dirt inside the dirt tank. With this feature, you are assured that your vacuum’s filters will last longer while you reduce maintenance costs.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a triple-action brushroll as well as scatter-free technology. Both work together to loosen dirt including pet hair and lift them off your carpets. There are external bristles that help you direct the debris towards the brushroll. With this, you can clean closer to furniture and baseboards. All these features make it one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair on the market today

Some of the accessories that come with the package include:

  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Extension wand
  • Pet hair corner tool
  • Pet TurboEraser Tool
  • Pre-motor filter
  • Removable cyclone

Overall, the BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet vacuum cleaner is pretty great for cleaning different surfaces. It performs great on hardwoods and low carpets. You will need to do a little assembling when you take it out of the box. However, the assembly of this cleaner is straightforward because it comes with the instructions.

This vacuum cleaner is a good buy considering its features and the mid-range price. It requires very little maintenance and comes with an array of accessories. Lest we forget, it also comes with a 4-year limited warranty.


  • Lots of accessories.
  • Very low maintenance costs.
  • Very affordable.
  • 4-year limited warranty.
  • Great on a variety of floors and carpets.
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • Not too efficient with large debris.
  • Feature and power buttons aren’t easily accessible.
  • The height of the brush roll makes it difficult to use under furniture.

2. Eureka PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Usually, when you consider the idea of high-performance bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair, what comes to mind is cost. The Eureka PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner seems to give us a different opinion. It comes with amazing suction power, lightweight, affordable price, and lots more. let’s see why this vacuum cleaner makes it to our list.

The Eureka PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner weighs a little less than 10 pounds which is impressive for a vacuum cleaner. Due to its lightweight, you will find it easy to maneuver this vacuum cleaner around furniture and corners. With a knob sitting above the floorhead, it is easy to adjust the pile height easily. There are 5 height adjustment settings to help with different kinds of floors.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a washable filter. With this accessory, there’s no need to purchase replacements. It also has a 2.6-liter dust cup so you don’t need to empty the tank too frequently. Emptying the dust cup is very easy since all you need to do is push a lever to open the bottom lid.

Considering the price of the Eureka PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, it presents very high performance. It works well on both carpets and hardwood floors and it also has a very strong suction ability. After testing this best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair, we can tell that it presents better results on thicker carpets and rugs. To get the best results for more delicate items, you should make use of the dusting brush instead.

As you will expect, when a vacuum cleaner performs this well, there must be pitfalls. One of the pitfalls of this cleaner is that it becomes very hot when in use. It is even possible for the heat from the cleaner to damage your furnishings. Another pitfall is the noise from the vacuum cleaner. It is very loud when in use, it could almost deafen the user.

Notwithstanding these pitfalls, this vacuum cleaner is very affordable and presents you with high performance. You may need earplugs when working with this vacuum cleaner. Also, make sure that you don’t leave this bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair on a single spot for too long when in use so the heat doesn’t cause damage.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Accessories included.
  • Very large dust cup.


  • Very noisy.
  • Produces a lot of heat during use.

3. Bissell PowerGlide Pet Hair Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This is another great one on our list of the best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair. If your home is plagued with a lot of pet hair, then you need a pet vacuum cleaner. One such cleaner is the Bissell PowerGlide Pet Hair Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. It comes with special attachments that help to trap and rid your home of pet hair. What else makes this vacuum cleaner special?

Performance and cleaning power are very important when choosing a pet vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner presents amazing results for both. It comes with triple-action brushes as well as a multi-cyclonic system. Both work together to ensure that your home remains spotless. Turning on and off the brush roll is very easy as well.

This cleaner comes with a SuctionChannel Technology that takes off the dirt that the brush loosens and lifts. The cleaner also comes with another feature known as the 9x multi-cyclonic separation. With this feature, you can rest assured that debris and dirt particles will not travel backward into the post-motor filter. This means that your vacuum cleaner and its filter have a longer life span.

If a vacuum cleaner is very powerful but difficult to maneuver, it is still not efficient. The Bissell PowerGlide Pet Hair Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a mix of performance and user-friendliness. From the swivel steering to the buttons, the design makes it easy to use this vacuum cleaner.

There is an extension wand that allows you to reach zones that your hands wouldn’t reach normally. It also comes with a crevice tool that cleans out difficult stains. One of the problems pet owners face is the way their pet hairs little their homes. With this cleaner, you can eliminate stubborn pet hair from your homes.

This vacuum cleaner is also great for a pet owner that is prone to allergies. The SmartSeal Allergen System helps to trap dust, debris, and dander. When using the cleaner, this technology ensures that the allergens don’t get back into the atmosphere around. An additional feature is the Febreze pet odor eliminator filter that offers you a deep clean.

Overall, the Bissell PowerGlide Pet Hair Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful device. It helps to trap pet hair while leaving your home spotless. This cleaner also helps to rid your home of allergens and pet smells as well. Lest we forget, it is also user-friendly and very affordable.


  • 5-year warranty.
  • Very affordable.
  • Very long power cord.
  • Great performance.
  • Efficient pet hair tool.
  • Additional accessories.


  • Lacks a cord rewind feature.
  • Short hose.
  • No extension wand.
  • The swivel option is poor.
  • The dirt tank doesn’t fit properly.

4. Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner

Pets don’t only shed their hair on floors, they do it on furniture and every other place they can find. Cleaning up after them is not just stressful, with the wrong vacuum cleaner, it can be a bore. One vacuum cleaner that has proven to deliver high performance is the Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner.

This cleaner does great when used upright and also allows you to reach those difficult spaces as well. While this vacuum cleaner is big, it is designed to be easy to maneuver. With this design, you can clean around corners and pieces of furniture very easily. The large head means that you get to round up your cleaning task faster than with other cleaners. This also means that it will be difficult to clean under furniture, a major disadvantage for most people.

The Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner comes with a very long 30-feet power cord. What this means is that you don’t have to unplug the cleaner too frequently when in use. The cleaner also comes with an array of accessories that ensure that you enjoy excellent performance and excellent suction. It also performs efficiently when used in cleaning upholstery.

Pet hair usually clogs dust rolls but the design of the brush roll in this cleaner saves you from this problem. It is designed to pick pet hair easily and the Hepa filter captures 99% of the accompanying allergens. This filter also ensures that it reduces odors to the barest minimum so that you don’t develop breathing problems afterward.

While the Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel HEPA Media Vacuum Cleaner delivers high performance, it isn’t very affordable. If you look beyond the cost, you have a great investment in this product. Maintenance costs are low and it has a long shelf life. This means that you don’t need to purchase a new machine in the nearest future.


  • Long shelf life.
  • High performance.
  • Heap filter that removes odors and allergens.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to move around and maneuver.


  • Large brush head.
  • Quite costly.

5. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

There is so much about the Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner that puts it on this list. From the excellent suction power to high performance and lightweight. What else makes this vacuum cleaner tick?

The Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is effective on several surfaces. You can use to on hardwood floors as well as Persian rugs and everything else between. Whatever the surface is, this vacuum cleaner delivers top-notch performance each time. When you compare the performance to the price, it is definite that this cleaner is an incredible deal.

The Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is very light. Because of this, it is very easy to maneuver the cleaner around furniture and corners in your home. It is also very easy to adjust the pile height so that you can clean beneath the furniture. The dust tank fits into the cleaner seamlessly and getting out requires you to just push a lever.

This vacuum cleaner comes with three attachments, a dusting brush, an upholstery brush, and a crevice tool. All of these put together to make it easy to clean different surfaces around the house. There is enough storage space within the vacuum cleaner to store these accessories away when not in use.

The vacuum cleaner delivers outstanding performance when you consider its price. This best vacuum cleaner for pet hair does far better than what most vacuum cleaners in the same class can. We advise that you don’t use the cleaner for light rugs as it seems a tad too powerful for such items. You can try using the dusting brush to clean upholstery.

The Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeedBagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a top-performing vacuum cleaner. It produces a lot of heat and noise so you should be wary of both. Overall, it is a worthy investment, and that is why it belongs to the group of best bagless vacuum cleaners for pet hair


  • High performance.
  • Great design.
  • Lots of accessories.
  • Ample storage space for the accessories.
  • Very affordable.


  • Noisy machine.
  • Produces heat during use.