Does Bissell CrossWave Clean Area Rugs?

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Does Bissell CrossWave Clean Area Rugs? Are you sick of your area rugs being a source of dirt and stains? Are they starting to look worn out and faded? Bissell Crosswave is a revolutionary new carpet cleaner that removes dirt, stains and allergens from your area rugs, leaving them looking like new. Not only does it provide a deep clean, but the machine is also able to remove pet hair, dust mites, mold and mildew from your rugs.

This article aims to answer the question “does bissell crosswave clean area rugs” and so to provide a step by step guide on effectively cleaning area rugs with your CrossWave Cordless MAX

If you have a rug in your home that is musty or smells, you may want to try using a Bissell CrossWave carpet cleaner to freshen it up. The Bissell CrossWave III is a carpet cleaner, but it also works well on area rugs. It’s one of the only area rug cleaners that can be used on a thick carpet, and it works to remove stubborn stains.

Does Bissel crosswave cordless MAX clean Area Rugs?

Years ago, I would have said “no” to this question. I would have probably told you that a rotary vacuum simply cannot clean area rugs. But, the more I use the Bissell CrossWave, the more I realize that, yes, it can! Sure, the Bissell CrossWave isn’t as strong as a traditional upright vacuum, but you can use the rinse action to get the rug to the areas where you do want to clean.

Bissell Crosswave cordless max is a battery-operated floor, carpet, and hand vacuum cleaner that has been designed specifically to clean area rugs. With its 16-foot long power cord and 10-foot wide cleaning head, it is able to go under the rug, under furniture, behind the couch, or even in between the legs of your recliner. The Bissell Crosswave max comes with spare filters which can be washed or replaced without having to buy a new one as needed.

How to use Bissell Crosswave on area rug

Many homes with hard floors also have area rugs. It’s easy to refresh your area rugs with your CrossWave! I’ll show you how to clean your rugs with the Bissell CrossWave.

Before you start cleaning your rug, make sure the brush rollers are free of any excess dirt, mud, or sticky mess. Also, check your rug for colorfastness and remove any excess mud from your rug before cleaning.

  1. Press the rug button to turn on your machine in rug mode.
  2. Start cleaning by holding down the solution spray button and looking back and forth along with the rug.
  3. Help dry your rug by going over it a second time with the trigger pulled.
  4. To stop the brush roll, return your machine to its upright position.

You can follow this brush roller cleaning video to get you started.

Conclusion: Does Bissell CrossWave Clean Area Rugs?

While the Bissell CrossWave cordless max is one of the better options when it comes to area rug cleaning, it would be more practical to invest in a full-size vacuum that can easily clean both area rugs and carpet. These types of vacuums are more powerful and come with larger dirt containers than Bissell Crosswave cordless max. 

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