Does Bissell CrossWave Clean Area Rugs?

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Does Bissell CrossWave Clean Area Rugs? The answer to that question is an empathic yes! If you have never heard of the Bissell CrossWave, let me introduce you to a life-changing product for cleaning carpet, hardwood, and so much more.

Are you sick of your area rugs being a source of dirt and stains? Are they starting to look worn out and faded? Bissell Crosswave is a revolutionary new carpet cleaner that removes dirt, stains, and allergens from your area rugs, leaving them looking like new. Not only does it provide a deep clean, but the machine is also able to remove pet hair, dust mites, mold and mildew from your rugs.

But here’s the best part, it does this super effective and easily with its unique 2-1in one cleaning design. The machine comes with a spinning brush that scrubs and cleans all sides of your area rug at the same time. It also has a powerful suction that lifts away dirt, dust, and stains.

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How to Clean an Area Rug with the Bissell Crosswave

Cleaning your Area Rug with the Bissell CrossWave is easy. It will take just four steps and you will effectively clean any sized area rug. Before you start cleaning your rug, make sure the brush rollers are free of any excess dirt, mud, or sticky mess. Also, check your rug for colorfastness and remove any excess debris from your rug before cleaning.

  1. Turn on the Bissell CrossWave and give the entire carpet a cleaning using the vacuum function.
  2. Apply spot treatment by holding down the solution spray trigger and gliding the Bissell CrossWave over the stained area of the area rug.
  3. After applying the wet solution, use the vacuum function to help suck up any dislodged dirt fibers. 
  4. Let the wet areas dry for 30-45 minutes afterward.

Be sure to clean your Bissell CrossWave after every use.

If you prefer to see How to Clean an Area Rug with the Bissell CrossWave in a video, click here.

Bissell CrossWave FAQ

Now that we know the answer to “Does Bissell CrossWave clean area rugs?”, let’s explore some related queries.

Can You Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner on Area Rugs?

Yes, you can use Bissell CrossWave products on area rugs. The regular and Bissell CrossWave MAX machine is designed to clean all types of floors, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and more. It comes with a spinning brush that scrubs and cleans all sides of your area rug at the same time.

Does Bissel Crosswave Cordless MAX Clean Area Rugs?

The Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max can clean area rugs with ease. Add the patented cleaning formula and the CrossWave does the rest. 

If you have a rug in your home that is musty or smells, you may want to try using a Bissell CrossWave MAX carpet cleaner to freshen it up. The Bissell CrossWave MAX is a carpet cleaner, but it also works well on area rugs. It’s one of the only area rug cleaners that can be used on a thick carpet, and it works to remove stubborn stains.

Why Does my Bissell CrossWave Smell Musty?

If your Bissell Crosswave smells musty, it is likely because the machine is not drying properly. This can happen if the machine is not used frequently, or if it is not cleaned properly after each use. To fix this problem, make sure to clean the machine regularly and to allow it to dry completely after each use.

Conclusion: Does Bissell CrossWave Clean Area Rugs?

Yes, if you can’t tell by now, the Bissell CrossWave is probably the best way to clean an area rug or carpet. With its special action dual cleaning design and powerful suction, it can easily remove dirt, stains, and allergens from your rugs. Not to mention, the CrossWave Max features a cordless design that makes it super easy to use and move around.

So if you’re looking for an easy and effective way to clean your area rugs, the Bissell CrossWave is definitely the way to go.

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