Best Ironing Board Cover – Top 5 Of 2022

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What is the best ironing board cover? Having freshly ironed clothes brings a lot of benefits. They make you look more professional, and it also protects the clothes so you can use them for a long time. To achieve the best and even ironing, you need to invest in a good ironing board cover.

Keep reading to know the best ironing board cover in the market. 

Buying Guide: Tips When Buying An Ironing Board Cover

When looking for the Best Ironing Board Cover there are a few things you need to consider.

Cover Padding

When looking for an ironing board cover, the first thing you should check is the cover padding. Its primary purpose is to ensure smooth ironing of your garments without any lines of your board showing through. The cushion also allows easy absorption of excess steam from your iron. 

That is why the cover padding for your ironing board cover should be thick and strong enough to do these things. There are a lot of fabrics used for paddings, such as cotton pads and foam pads. 

Padding Size

It will help if you also look at the padding size. It should be thick enough to mitigate the steam from your iron and protect you from the heat. It should also be wide enough to have plenty of room for ironing your garments.

Now, there are no specific sizes on what you should get. However, the general size for a good padding size should be within 53 to 55 inches long and 14 to 16 inches wide.

Adjustable Heights

Adjustable heights are one common feature for most ironing board covers of today. Not every cover can fit every board, especially if they’re not from the same brand. Having the option to adjust the cover however you want is essential. 

Different brands have their way of adjusting the height of their products. Most likely, you’ll have some type of string material where you can tighten or loosen the fabric.


If you want to save money, it would be best to take your time finding a durable ironing board cover. Most covers can last for years depending on how you use them and the company you bought them from. You must buy from a reputable brand to ensure durability. 

Avoid buying something based on appearance alone. Remember that just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it will work well.

Machine Washable

Lastly, you’ll want something that won’t require any elaborate maintenance. With that in mind, look for a machine-washable ironing board cover. It makes for a super easy clean for less effort.

To know whether it’s machine-washable, look for the care label that comes with your cover. Then, see if it indicates that you could machine wash the item. 

You can usually wash these covers with a mild detergent with cold water. There’s no need for you to use bleach or any harsh chemicals.

5 Best Ironing Board Covers of 2022

Rowenta Ironing Board Cover

Our top pick for best ironing board cover is this lovely Rowenta Ironing board coverEstablished in 1909, Rowenta has come a long way in providing quality products for homeowners worldwide. Do you know that the brand name “Rowenta” is inspired by the name of its German founder, Robert Weintraud? Rowenta offers a range of products like home comfort items, hair care solutions, and linen care materials. 

Among the linen care products is the Rowenta Iron Board Cover. It features a stunning classic beige color. It snugly fits the Rowenta Pro Compact Ironing Board IB900 with a product size of 51 inches in length and 18.5 for height. This cover boasts a 100% cotton material with 100% polyester padding. 

If you owned a Rowenta Ironing Board IB900, it would be best to buy your cover from the same brand itself. It guarantees that you’ll have a cover that will perfectly fit your ironing board with little to no adjustments.


  • Adequate cushioning
  • Durable
  • The official cover for the Rowenta Iron Board IB900


  • No drawstring attached to help the cover fit

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Brabantia Ironing Board Cover

One factor that makes Brabantia stand out among its competitors is investing in sustainable yet beautifully-designed products. They ensure that they incorporate recyclability for every product that they design. Since 1919, Brabantia has strived for a better world for the next generations to come. 

The Brabantia Ironing Board Cover is the best backup cover for your type C ironing board. It is slightly smaller than the previous board cover, with 49 by 18 inches. Brabantia has a complete set of cotton and polyester foam for padding and fabric material. It also comes with a felt underlay to ensure the stability and durability of your ironing frame. 

For individuals that prefer steam and basic ironing, the Brabantia Type C cover is for you. It provides a good amount of protection and can last for a long time.


  • It comes with extra thick padding with felt underlay
  • Made with 100% durable cotton
  • Equipped with a fastener to tighten or loosen the product


  • Not enough string for the fastener

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Tivit Ironing Board Cover

Powered by European artistry, Tivit works to provide its patrons with quality home products made from Italy. The company aims to design products that are accessible for people to use in their daily chores. Tivit produces over a hundred sizes of board covers to ensure that they can accommodate all types of ironing boards, even if clients have uniquely sized ones.

In this listing, the ironing board cover from Tivit is available for five different sizing options. The fabric is made from 100% raw cotton, enabling the wool padding beneath to retain and reflect the heat to your garment for smooth ironing inside out. Tivit also proudly claims that both layers are all-natural with no chemical treatments. 

This ironing board cover is suitable for a family of all sizes. The padding is thick enough to accommodate a large number of clothes. 


  • Easy installation
  • No-drag ironing feature
  • It comes with a thick drawstring and three velcro straps for adjustments


  • Not machine washable

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Gorilla Grip Ironing Board Cover 

Hailed once as Amazon’s #1 brand in Ironing board covers, the Gorilla Grip is committed to producing long-lasting and high-quality products for their customers. With the number of purchases and positive feedback on Amazon, we can see why it’s so popular among homeowners. 

As you may have guessed on the name alone, the Gorilla grip provides a heavy-duty cover to avoid scratches and scorch marks. Similar to Tivit, this one also has a heat-reflective technology. The surface is made from silicone material to help you straighten out pesky wrinkles off of your garment. 

What makes this brand different from the others is that it’s available in various designs. It comes with neutral and basic colors for minimalists and abstract-looking ones that will surely catch your attention.


  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Compatible with most boards
  • Reflects heat easily


  • Not for wider boards

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Silicone Ironing Board Cover

Starting in 2007, Epica seems like a young company compared to other brands in this listing. However, don’t let this hinder you from purchasing one because Epica quickly rose to popularity thanks to its thoughtful designs and quality manufacturing. Another thing that Epica features is its dedication to customer service, which we will talk more about later on. 

Epica’s silicone ironing board cover is designed for both aesthetics and function. The brand claims that they made this product to outperform other competitors and still look pleasing while doing it. The silicone material helps prevent scorching marks, a significant issue in this chore. It also makes for an outstanding reflective feature for faster and even ironing. 

If you’re the type of person that’s cautious about money, Epica’s silicone ironing board comes with a 2-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • 2-year warranty coverage
  • Machine and dryer friendly
  • Easy to maintain


  • The elastic edges may get weak over time

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FAQ About Ironing Boards

1. What to look for in an ironing board cover?

When looking for the best ironing board cover, the size is the first thing you should look for. It should fit your board and be tight enough with no visible creases. A good cover should also have good padding and fabric. It ensures smooth and even ironing for your garments. 

2. When to replace an ironing board cover?

Your ironing board cover is the part that initially faces the heat from the iron. No matter how much you’re careful with your ironing cover, you’ll eventually need to replace it over time. If you iron at least once a week, you’ll need to replace your cover after three years. 

3. How to clean an ironing board cover?

The answer depends on the ironing board cover you have. Most manufacturers will include an instructions label for cleaning an ironing board cover. You must read the care label as not every ironing cover is suitable for machine wash.

4. What size ironing board cover do I need?

To choose the ideal size for your ironing board cover, you should first know the dimensions of your ironing board frame. The standard size for most boards is around 54 inches in length and 14 inches in width. If you’re unsure about the exact size, try to go slightly larger than the sizes mentioned. 

Best Ironing Board Cover Conclusion

Protect your clothes and your actual ironing frame with our list of some of the best ironing board covers. Make sure to check with our buying guide as you choose which cover you can make the most out of. Remember that a good board cover should provide a firmer surface for smooth and effortless ironing.

We hope this article has helped you find the best ironing board cover.