ILIFE V3s Pro Review

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We had compiled an ILIFE V3s Pro Review. Is it worth the cost? I had been a faithful user of the ILIFE V3s Pro for about two years when I first heard about the new and improved ILIFE V4. The manufacturer was offering it at an amazing discount, so as soon as my old one gave up on me, I bought myself a backup just in case. When it arrived and started to clean my house like nothing else could, I knew that this would be my last vacuum cleaner purchase ever!

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Features of ILIFE V3s Pro

These are the features we looked at during our ILIFE V3s Pro Review.

1. Pet Hair Care Technology
2. Low Profile Design for Cleaning Under Beds, Furniture, and More
3. Easy Operation with Remote Control or One-Touch Auto Clean Button
4. Runtime of 90-100 Minutes
5. Anti-Bump and Anti-Fall Sensors
6. Replace Filter Every Month
7. 12-Month and US Customer Service Team

Pet Hair Care Technology

The ILIFE V3s Pro can handle your furry friends’ hair with ease. It has a built-in pet hair care technology that is capable of picking up and removing all the excess fur from any surface. For example, it will pick up dirt and then collect in a little reservoir at the bottom of the machine which you can easily remove afterwards to clean it off or just throw away when its full.

Low Profile Design for Cleaning Under Beds, Furniture, and More

The ILIFE V3s Pro has a low profile design that lets you reach under beds, furniture, and more to thoroughly clean.

Easy Operation with Remote Control or One-Touch Auto Clean Button

Beat the summer heat and get your chores done with this powerful, easy to use ILIFE V3s Pro. Its three-speed settings let you blend everything from ice to tough frozen fruit effortlessly for a refreshing smoothie in just 3 minutes without turning on the oven or stove top. Plus, its one touch auto clean button makes it easy for anyone to keep their kitchen appliances sparkling clean so they never have dirty dishes left over again!

Runtime of 90-100 Minutes

I am reviewing the ILIFE V3s Pro. The ILIFE is an all-purpose robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean your home while you are away, without any help from humans. It features a built-in camera so it will know when to change direction and avoid obstacles in order to reach its destination with ease. In addition, this device has a powerful motor that ensures no corners remain untouched by the brush head of this machine. These qualities make for not only efficient cleaning but also one less thing on your mind about what needs done around the house or how long it’s going to take

Anti-Bump and Anti-Fall Sensors

The ILIFE V3s Pro comes with sensors that help keep it steady and stable while in use. The anti-bump sensor detects when the blender is getting knocked or bumped, so you can stop blending instantly before spilling your ingredients all over the place. There’s also an anti-fall sensor which will automatically turn off the power if something happens to make it fall on its side, giving you extra peace of mind for those who are concerned about safety.

Replace Filter Every Month

This is a great feature because it makes use of the included filter so that you never get an unpleasant surprise. The ILIFE V3s Pro includes a six-month supply of replacement filters, meaning no more struggling to find replacements or giving up on your favorite drink just because they don’t have one available.

12-Month and US Customer Service Team

ILIFE V3s Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner that can also be used as an autonomous pet. It uses smart sensors and artificial intelligence to avoid obstacles, with the help of which it can clean up your house on its own while you’re at work or out for a walk. The ILIFE V3s Pro comes with seven sets of specialized cleaning tools including soft bristles, hard bristles, crevice tool, dusting brush and more in order to reach every part of your floors

Reviews & Ratings of ILIFE V3s Pro

Our ILIFE V3s Pro Review Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The ILIFE V3s Pro is a robotic vacuum that uses suction power to clean, and it has four wheels for stability. You can use your smartphone or the app on your device to schedule when you want the robot to start cleaning, as well as set how long you would like it work for before automatically stopping. The other neat feature about this vacuum is that there’s an LED light in case you’re worried about running into any furniture during its run – just click a button and watch the lights go off!

I found 21 ILIFE V3s Pro Reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded Ilife V3s Pro 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average. Customers said things like, “Works great with our cats” and “Love this little guy!,” but some people did have complaints such as “It really needs more suction” which was also resolved by many customers saying “This works so much better than my regular vac.” Overall though these are very positive reviews – Amazon users love their new robot cleaner!.


The ILIFE V3s Pro is a highly rated, top-selling robotic vacuum cleaner that does an excellent job at cleaning hard floors and carpets. It’s also very reliable and has received high customer satisfaction ratings in the marketplace. Most real buyers of this product are pleased with their purchase and would recommend it to others as well.

We hope you have enjoyed this ILIFE V3s Pro Review.

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