Steam Mop vs Regular Mop

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Steam mop vs regular mop, what are the differences? Many households and businesses have a mop. Mops are one of the best ways to clean spills without leaving a sticky residue. But what about steam mops? These devices are very similar to a normal mop, but they use steam instead of a cleaning agent.

They are also quite popular and can be found in stores everywhere. These mops clean by using heat to loosen and remove dirt and grime from floors. Some of these devices work as stand-alone steam cleaners as well, while others work only as a part of a larger system.

Now let’s take a look at the differences between steam mop vs regular mop.

Main Differences Between a Steam Mop and Regular Mop

  • Steam mops use heat
  • Steam mop pads need to be replaced more frequently
  • Steam mops are more effective
  • Regular mops are more affordable
  • Regular mops cannot clean the same surfaces
  • Regular mops take more effort to use

What is a Steam Mop?

A steam mop uses heated water to clean carpets, floors, and much more. Steam mops have similar parts as other mops. They include a handle, a brush and a cleaning pad. The cleaning pad or head has holes that are covered by a filter. The steam created by the mop also comes through the holes.

Steam Mop Pros

A steam mop uses water and heat, while a regular mop uses only water. The heat makes it much easier to clean without needing to exert as much physical labour into the process. We think a steam mop is better for most floor types, primarily laminate and vinyl.

Steam mops are also great for carpets. Instead of soaking the carpet like a regular mop would, the steam mop uses water to wash away dirt and then applies steam to evaporate the

Steam cleaner is perfect for small spills, as it cleans them easier than a regular mop will. A steam cleaner can also be used for different types of surfaces such as hardwood and tile flooring, vinyl flooring to get rid of dust and mold stains quickly.

Steam mops do not use any type of detergent or chemicals and therefore won’t leave behind any residue or scent on your floor or carpet when you are done cleaning it with it.

What is a Regular Mop?

A regular mop does not have a steam feature. It is just a pad attached to a long handle. A mop is designed to clean floors, ceilings, walls, and spills. Mops use water and a cleaning solution, generally soap, to clean floors.

Regular Mop Pros

Regular mops are affordable and great for cleaning vinyl, linoleum, or hardwood floors. A good mop can last for years, and when paired with the perfect cleaning solution, they are effective for practically any spills.

Mops are also getting a bit more convenient to use. With the foot wringing model, it is no longer hard on your back to bend over and squeeze the water out.

Mopping pads also tend to be cheaper than steam mops and they last much longer because they can be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water.

Steam Mop vs Regular Mop Which One is Better?

We absolutely love our steam mop and it is hands-down better than a regular mop. Steam mops are faster and easier to use than a regular mop. You plug it in, push the steam button, and you are done.

We have had no issues with our steam mop either and it is just as effective and as easy to use as it was when we received it several months ago.

Steam Mop vs Regular Mop FAQ

Here are some questions we came across when doing research for our steam mop.

What is a Steam Mopping Pad?

Mopping pads are what the mop head comes attached to. Sometimes they are the same (like on a steam mop) but some times they are different. They are typically made of a rubber or felt-like material. They have a lot of ridges or holes that allow the steam to reach deeper into the rug.

How do Steam Mopping Pads Work?

Many pads contain holes and pockets of water within them to enable them to work as needed. The water and steam produced when you clean with a pad will evaporate, leaving your floors clean.

These consist of hundreds of mini holes that allow the water to be more efficiently distributed during steaming. There is no need for detergents when cleaning with steam mops since all of the dirt, grime and grease comes off on its own due to the durability of steam technology.

How to clean a Mop Pad?

Mop pads are typically very easy to clean. You can detach them and throw them in a laundry machine. Alternatively, you can soak them in a sink and apply soap. Then wash thoroughly and hang to dry.

Read here to learn how to clean a steam mop pad.

How Often Should I Replace my Mop Head?

The replacement frequency will depend on how often you use them. For the most part, most mop heads can last for years. As a rule of thumb, replace them when they are dirty or at the very least, give them a good wash.


We definitely recommend going with a steam mop but either way, you won’t go wrong with either one. If you have laminate flooring or vinyl, we think you will immediately notice a difference with a good steam mop.

We hope this article has answered your questions regarding steam mop vs regular mop.