Roomba 692 vs 675

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When looking for a robotic vacuum, the Roomba 692 vs 675 is a popular conversation. Both robotic cleaners are affordable, powerful, and convenient. But what separates these two robotic cleaners? And is one of these Roomba’s better than the other?

In this article, we are going to be examining Roomba 692 vs 675 and taking a close look at the subtle differences between these Irobot machines.

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Roomba 692 vs 675 Differences

To start our Roomba 692 vs 675 comparison, we want to take a look at some of the differences between these two units.

Cleaning Area

The Roomba 675 has a wider cleaning area than the 692.

  • The Roomba 692 can cover up to 120 meters per cleaning cycle.
  • The Roomba 675 however, can clean up to 150 meters per cleaning cycle.

Verdict – The Roomba 675 has a slightly larger cleaning area.

Dustbin Size

The dustbin size is a noticeable difference between the two models.

  • The Roomba 692 possesses a 600 ml dustbin, allowing it to clean more surface area before having to dock and empty the debris.
  • The Roomba 675 has a dustbin size of 350 ml, which is still more than enough for most cleaning runs.

Verdict – The Roomba 692 has a larger storage capacity.


The Roomba 692 possess virtual wall technology. This feature allows users to place a sensor anywhere in their home and create a virtual wall for the Roomba. With the virtual wall set up, the Roomba will not go past this point. This feature is a great way to keep the Roomba on a certain surface or room.

Roomba 692
The Roomba 692 is incredibly smart and can take care of any mess.

Another technology feature the Roomba 692 possesses that the 675 does not is the patent Roomba Dirt Sensor. This technology helps the Roomba model detect and learn where the dirtiest areas of the house are. Once it has discovered these locations, it will keep homes noticeably cleaner.

Verdict – The Roomba 692 features much better technology.

Roomba 692 vs 675 Similarities

Now, let’s take a look at some of the similarities between the two Roomba’s.


Both devices integrate easily through a smartphone app. The app setup installation process is very quick and it will give you complete control over either machine.

When it comes to voice control there are no differences. Both products have the option to enable Alexa voice control. The process is very easy to set up and will make managing either the Roomba 692 or the Roomba 675 much easier.

Verdict – Draw, both machines provide the same features

Runtime/Charge Time

Up next in our Roomba 692 vs 675 Comparison is the battery runtime. Both machines are capable of running for 90 minutes straight. The battery power on either Roomba’s will last for about 2-4 cleans depending on how much cleaning your house does.

When the batteries are low, either Roomba will automatically dock and recharge itself.

It will take both machines up to 2 hours to fully charge.

Verdict – Draw, both machines have the same battery life

Suction Power

The suction power is the same for both models at an impressive 600 Pa. This suction power amount provides them with the power needed to clean any fur, dry spills, dust, or other dirt and bacteria.

So while they both provide the same level of cleaning (neither has wet-vac capabilities) the Roomba 675 cleans a wider area.

Verdict – Draw, both Roombas posses the same suction power.


There is a slight size difference between the two. However, it is very small and should not impact the decision.

  • Roomba 692 – 7.72 lbs, Width – 12.99 in, 3.66 in
  • Roomba 675 – 7.94 lbs, Width – 13.39 in, Height – 3.58 in

Verdict – Draw.

Roomba 692 vs 675 Final Verdict – Which is Better?

Comparing the Roomba 692 vs 675 has been fun, but which is better? In our opinion, the Roomba 692 is the better choice. The added technology gives you much more control over the Roomba and helps to optimize its cleaning pattern.

With that said, both of these units are great choices. They are so similar in how they function (connectivity, suction power, battery length) that any differences will be minor.

We hope this Roomba 692 vs 675 guide has been helpful in your quest for finding a great robot vacuum.