Eufy 11s vs 15c – Review and Comparison

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In this article, we are going to be comparing two very popular robot vacuums, Eufy 11s vs 15c. It’s always difficult to choose between two models of the same brand since the company obviously has particular styles and functions that are unique to them. In this case, Eufy is one of the brands of a well-known Chinese conglomerate, Anker Innovations. 

They have recently mastered features of smart appliances and voice control functions, all of which will be discussed in this article. Particularly, they have created RoboVacs or robot vacuums that are smart enough to be automated. They have their own autonomy to clean, detect, and avoid anything that comes their way.

If you want to invest in your own RoboVac, we have compared two of Eufy’s flagship RoboVacs, Eufy 11s and Eufy 15c. Even with these similarities, there will always be key differences between the two that can help you decide which is the better one for your needs!

Now let’s explore the differences in Eufy 11s vs 15c.

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Aesthetic and Functional Design

Not much is different between the two in terms of aesthetic design as both are created with a premium anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover that protects the surfaces from damage. Both also come in a jet black color that definitely adds to the classy feel. 

However, in terms of functionality, the Eufy 11S has a slight edge as it was created to have a slimmer design with dimensions 12.8 in x 12.8 in x 2.85 in, as compared to the 15C’s  17.91 in x 13.54 in x 4.96 in. 

This is not only an aesthetic addition but also a practical one as it can now reach low areas better. It can go under your couch, beds, desks, etc. Portability-wise, though, there is not much difference as both RoboVacs weigh at 5.73 pounds. 

Smart Connectivity

As stated earlier, Eufy is known for its smart functions that allow users to literally speak with their devices. However, this feature is only available to one of the RoboVacs in this article: the Eufy 15C. 

Eufy 15C has a smart connectivity feature, which basically means that owners can use WiFi to connect to the RoboVac’s app. The user can also communicate with the RoboVac with or without WiFi through the Voice Prompt Function. 

If you’re not a fan of these, the Eufy 15C also has a manual cleaning function that allows you to control the movement of your RoboVac using the app. This gives you a more efficient cleaning experience since you can direct your vacuum to clean specified parts of your home. 

Eufy 11S does not have any of these functions. Instead, this older version has an IR remote that helps you control your RoboVac. Still, the Eufy 15C clearly has the edge over Eufy 11S in terms of technology. 


Since these two vacuums have different brush settings, they usually work with only particular materials and areas of the house. Both the Eufy 11S and Eufy 15C have a 3-stage cleaning system and BoostIQ technology that make them “sweep, agitate, and suck” dirt. Their motors are also head to head at 1300Pa.

But, there’s a significant difference in their brushes that allow the Eufy 11s to easily handle larger debris and particles and the Eufy 15C to handle the smaller ones. However, neither is that good for sucking up hair and fur. 

Moreover, it’s also important to consider that the Eufy 15C is not that efficient at traveling on bare floors. It mostly needs low carpets to be able to function well. The Eufy 11S, on the other hand, can work well on both bare and carpeted floors. This quality makes the Eufy 11S much better in terms of versatility as you can use it almost anywhere in your home

Being Pet and Baby-Friendly

As mentioned earlier that both RoboVacs struggle cleaning hair and fur. With Eufy 15C, it struggles with cleaning fur on most surfaces, especially on bare floors (as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t really work well in general on bare floors). 

In the Eufy 11S, it’s a bit more decent in terms of cleaning hair and fur as its brushes are removable. You can easily detangle the hair and fur that way, as compared to the Eufy 15C, which does not come with removable brushes. 

Moreover, if you have young children at home, the Eufy 15C might not be the best for you since it does not have the HEPA filter that can catch allergens. So, the 11S truly is the better choice in this aspect if you want a vacuum that can trap all your hairs, fur, and filter the air in the process

The Eufy 11S
The Eufy 11S is my favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Eufy 11s Have WiFi?

The Eufy 11S does not have WiFi as it does not support Eufy’s smart connectivity functions. Instead, you can manually control it using its IR remote control. If you want WiFi functions, the Eufy 15C has way more advanced technology. 

Which Model is Better? Eufy 11s vs 15c?

Eufy 11s is the better choice as it’s a lot more versatile in terms of functionality and reaches. It does not have all the tech that 15C offers, but it’s still very practical especially if you’re on a tighter budget. You would still get your money’s worth when you choose this option. 

What Are the Main Differences Between Eufy 11s vs Eufy 15c?

The main differences lie in their brushes, sizes, and technology. The Eufy 15C has a wider range of tech incorporated into its system, but the Eufy 11S has better brushes and sizes, which allows it to go through any surface easily. The Eufy 15C is pickier and can only function well on carpeted floors. 

Eufy 11s vs 15c: Which Vacuum is the Best for Carpet Cleaning?

The Eufy 15C functions better on carpeted floors and can also pick up the smaller particles stuck on the surface. It’s a bit more difficult for Eufy 11S to suck up particles like food crumbs and the like, and carpeted floors make it even more so. 

Final Verdict – Eufy 11s vs 15c

It really is difficult to compare two models of the same brand as they have very similar builds and functions, but the Eufy 11s is better in terms of design, versatility, and safety. It is also the cheaper option of the two.

So, if you’re not that tech-savvy or just not into the extra smart functions of Eufy 15C, then there really is no question on which one you should get!

We hope this article has answered any questions you have regarding Eufy 11s vs 15c.