Does Ramen Stain Clothes? What About Carpet?

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Does Ramen Stain Clothes?

“Does ramen stain clothes?” So, a simple answer to this question is ‘yes’. Ramen stains clothes. Ramen is a famous Japanese food, but it can leave a nasty stain if it gets on your clothes or carpet or anywhere else. These stains are stubborn and greasy. 

Well, it is nothing unusual. It is easy to spill any hot meat broth. Removing these stains can be time consuming. Many people don’t know the right methods to clean ramen stains. Mostly, they use wrong methods and just give up when the stain doesn’t come off.

Soap is not enough to remove ramen stains. They need special treatment. This article is all about methods to remove ramen stains. 

How to Remove Ramen Stains

How to remove ramen stains from carpet using Bissell CrossWave with Cleaning Solution

Bissell CrossWave with Cleaning Solution performs a lot better than other standard vacuums available in the market. It works amazingly on both dry and wet stains.

If you are dealing with tougher or dry ramen stains, we suggest you to use a heavy-duty Cleaning Solution. You can use the one with fragrance to help your carpet smell good later.

Bissell CrossWave comes with two tanks. Add a spoonful of your heavy-duty Cleaning Solution to one tank. The cleaning solution will run through the whole machine, get sprayed on the carpet, and then get sucked back up, taking in all the ramen stain. 

The other tank is the storage tank. It will store all the wet or dry remains of your stain until you empty it. Emptying the tank is very easy. Just press the button, release the tank, and pour out whatever is inside. Wash the tank and put it back in. 

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How to remove ramen stains from laundry using OxiClean

Oxiclean is a stain remover with Sodium percarbonate, the most important and active ingredient, making it the best stain remover. Oxiclean can be used to remove greasy ramen stains from laundry. For your laundry:  

  1. Fill a bucket or laundry sink with enough water to soak the clothes in. Keep the temperature of the water as specified on the clothing label. 
  2. Add Oxiclean stain remover to the water, 2 to 4 spoons to every gallon of water. Mix until dissolved completely for best results. 
  3. Soak your laundry in it for about 1 to 6 hours, depending on how strong your stain is. 
  4. Wash your laundry the way you usually do. 

Ramen Stains FAQ

Are Ramen Stains Permanent?

Ramen stains are not permanent. If the stain is not removed as soon as possible and gets dry and old, removing it can be difficult. Ramen is very greasy, and when it gets spilled, it leaves a nasty greasy stain. The drier and older the stains are, the more it will take your energy and time, but eventually, they will come off. Employing the right methods and products can help you get rid of them. You might have to wash it more than once. 

Will Ramen Stains Come Out in the Laundry?

Ramen stains come out in the laundry, but it depends on the kind of stain remover used. If Oxiclean is used or if the laundry was soaked for a long time, the stains will come off. However, if you use general detergent and if the laundry was not soaked long enough, then they will not. The longer and more intense is the washing process of your ramen stained clothes, the easier it will be to get rid of them.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to remove ramen stains from clothes, please contact us.

Does Ramen Stain Leather?

Yes, ramen can stain leather. It is a greasy food that can leave stains on your leather.

How to Remove Ramen Stains From Leather?

A heavy-duty Cleaning Solution directly applied to the stain with a cotton cloth or brush will get rid of the stain completely. Some customers have tried using dish soap instead but it does not work as well.

Conclusion – Does Ramen Stain Clothes?

No matter how little ramen gets spilled, it will leave a strong stain. It is advised to clean the stain as soon as possible while still wet. Use the right method with the right product and save yourself from a nasty greasy stain.  

We hope this article has answered any questions you have about “Does Ramen Stain Clothes?”