How do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

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There are some impressive aspects to every hotel. But one thing that sticks out to us is, how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean? At home, soap stains, limestone, and other grime accumulate over time, and it gets into hard-to-reach places.

Besides having a professional staff, there have to be some takeaways that homeowners can learn and apply for their households. Well, in this article we are going to peel back the veil and share with you how hotels keep their showers so clean, and how we can do it too.

Hotel cleaning staff use a few different products that help make the cleaning job much easier and much more efficient.

How do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

Following the information below to learn more about how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean?

Hotel Staffs Use Top-end Cleaning Products

Hotels take cleaning and sanitation very seriously. They are constantly liable to receive poor reviews if anything is out of place, if the customer’s experience is bad, or if there is an ounce of dirt.

Therefore, to clean each hotel room, the cleaning staff is armed with a whole caravan of cleaning products.

Scrubber Sponges

Once the Comet has sat for the designated period of time, cleaning staffs will give the surface a good scrubbing. Their choice of cleaning tool is often a sponge.

Sponges are designed with different textures so that they can better tackle specific types of stains. This makes them very good at getting soap scum off of shower walls and glass shower doors.

Sponges are also very cost-efficient, making them a great investment for hotel owners and homeowners.

Cloth Towels

The sponge is great, but some areas call for a softer touch. Mirrors are great areas to incorporate a cloth towel after spraying with your choice of cleaning solution. This prevents scratching and makes cleaning very easy.

Cloths can also be used on mirrors to remove grime and dust. You can use them after cleaning other surfaces as well.

Hotel Cleaning Staffs Use Strong Cleaning Solutions

Glass Cleaner Products

The best way to clean any kind of surface is with products that are designed specifically for its use. They often contain agents that act faster, so you can get the job done sooner, which can make all the difference in an efficient cleaning schedule.

For these purposes, most cleaning solutions with bleach are great for those who want a quick clean in a short time. Comet is a go-to cleaning product. It contains bleach, is scratch-free, and is simple to apply. It is great for deodorizing and cleaning tough stains in the sink, toilet, and glass shower.

Comet Hotel Cleaners
Try Comet The Next Time You’re Cleaning

With Comet, you need to spray or apply the powder first, and then give it time to soak. Make sure to get a lot of Comet into every corner of the glass shower. Hotel cleaning staff will let Comet cleaners still for 30 minutes during the cleaning process.

Hotel staff clean each room with this miracle cleaner. Since it is a powder, they don’t have to worry about liquid spilling, and it is easy to scrub into corners.

Comet powder can be used on all different kinds of surfaces, not just glass shower doors. After the 30 minutes are up, you can rinse off the surface with warm water and a clean cloth or sponge if the instructions say so.

Hotel Cleaning Staffs Clean Frequently

Last, but certainly not least is the fact that hotel cleaning staffs clean regularly. While most homeowners will not have time to clean once a day, a little light cleaning is great. Furthermore, homeowners have a great advantage in the shower squeegee.

Using a shower squeegee after every use can greatly prevent any grime or soap stains from occurring. This will reduce the need for you to clean often and makes the cleaning process much easier.

It’s a 3 Step Process to Successfully Clean Glass Shower Doors

So there you have it; how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean? Use these 3 steps to successfully clean any type of glass shower:

  • Step 1 – Use a Scrubber Sponge to Get Grime Off of Glass Shower Doors, Sinks, and Toilets.
  • Step 2 – Clean Glass Shower Doors with a Cloth Towel or Comet Cleanser.
  • Step 3 – Apply a Polish (such as Scotchgard) to the Glass Shower Door to Seal the Surface.

The key is consistency in cleaning and regular cleaning schedules.

In conclusion, we have shown you how to clean a glass shower door. You now have all the tools you need to keep your shower as clean as a hotel.

We hope the above information has enlightened you regarding how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean? If you repeat the same steps, you can achieve the same results.