Coredy R750 Review

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Coredy R750 Review – If you are the type of person who worries about your kids playing around with a vacuum cleaner, then it is time that you find yourself an alternative to traditional vacuums. The Coredy R750 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one such appliance.

I have written this article for those people out there who want more information on how this product can help them as well as some tips and thoughts on whether or not they should buy themselves one.

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5 Areas of Analysis for our Coredy R750 Review

Here are the five areas we will be looking at during our Coredy R750 Review.

  1. Voice & App Controls
  2. Boost-Intellect Technology
  3. Intelligent Mopping Cleaning System
  4. Virtual Boundary Compatible
  5. What You Get: An R750 robotic vacuum cleaner, plus an array of vacuum cleaner accessories

1. Voice & App Controls

A voice and app control system allows you to easily make simple smoothies, frozen drinks and other recipes. The R750 comes with a speaker that works in conjunction with the built-in microphone so that your favorite tunes can be played over the volume of whatever recipe you are blending while still being able to hear what it is saying. You also have full access to all of its settings via an downloadable application on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Boost-Intellect Technology

The Coredy R750 has a boost-intellect technology that uses an intelligent chip, called the CoreDuo. This allows you to do two things: firstly it can help keep your motor running smoothly so as not to wear out quickly and secondly it also keeps your power consumption down by using less juice on average than other blenders in its class.

3. Intelligent Mopping Cleaning System

The parts of a mop are often complicated and require time to clean which can be wasted when using the same water over and over again. The Coredy R750 comes with three cleaning modes: wet, dry, or auto-drying. This means that you don’t need any extra accessories for regular cleaning like sponges or cloths; just plug in your machine, select your preferred mode and then push it into action as required by the situation at hand!

4. Virtual Boundary Compatible

This blender is able to use up to 4 cups of water. This makes it the perfect size for a family or for those who love making large batches of soup and smoothies. The R750 has a virtual boundary that ensures no liquid spills out from under the blades, so you never have wasted food again! With this technology, you can make your favorite blended drinks in just seconds flat with no mess whatsoever.

5. What You Get: An R750 robotic vacuum cleaner, plus an array of vacuum cleaner accessories

This modular vacuum cleaner comes with a 1.6-liter, cyclonic tube and two cleaning brushes for carpeted surfaces as well as three different suction modes. The robot has powerful air jets that can suck up all kinds of dust from hardwood floors or even bare concrete without any effort on your part.
The R750 is easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface that allows users to program it with just one button push per task: start sweeping mode, clean under furniture mode and so forth – there are six working settings in total! It also automatically picks up what it needs when needed: if you’re setting off later than usual because of work obligations, then this will pick up whatever items have accumulated during the day before recharging itself until next time.

Reviews & Ratings of Coredy R750

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Coredy R750 is a powerful and reliable vacuum that offers great suction power as well as the ability to clean over carpet. I found 36 Coredy R750 Reviews when I was looking through Amazon, with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 from them.

There are some negative comments about it though: one person says “This thing sucks” in reference to the warranty; another said, “It doesn’t do what you would expect for 300 bucks … It feels like playing snake on your phone after charging $300 just so you can watch someone play at their own expense.”

But there were also positive remarks such as this one: “I love my new happy little robot! The first time we tried it out … We had a mountain made up of several large pieces of lint (read more here) all over our living room floor… Rather than having to haul out heavy equipment or start lugging around buckets full if water, he took care of it himself!”

So overall I find that people who choose this product are satisfied enough with its functionality and performance for me to recommend buying the Coredy R750 based off those scores alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coredy R750 have mapping?

A: No, it does not have mapping.

What is the best robot sweeper on the market?

A: The best robot sweeper on the market is a Roomba.

How long does Coredy R750 take to charge?

A: This battery takes about 4 hours to charge.


The Coredy R750 is a powerful, but affordable robotic vacuum that has been rated by consumers to be highly effective and easy-to-use. The cleaning head can detect any obstacles in its path while the intuitive navigation system guides it around your home with ease.

We hope this Coredy R750 Review has been helpful.

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