Bissell CrossWave vs Hoover Floormate

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Today we will be discussing, Bissell CrossWave vs Hoover Floormate. Whether you’re a new homeowner or just want an upgrade from your old mops and brooms, having a multi-purpose floor cleaner is definitely going to make your cleaning experiences so much more efficient. Yes, it might be a bit more pricey, but it’s certainly worth it when you know exactly where your money is going. 

So, to help you figure it out along the way, this article will mainly be tackling two floor cleaners of different brands. Bissell, being led by a single family, has been around for almost five generations, being at the frontline of the floor cleaning industry. Hoover Company, on the other hand, was established in Ohio in the 1900s, pioneering the electric vacuum industry. 

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the Bissell CrossWave vs Hoover Floormate comparison in particular as they have similar builds and tank technologies. But, expectedly, they have some different features that may help you decide which one is the most suitable for you and your home. 

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Design and Portability

Portability is a must if you’re considering traveling with your floor cleaners when you go on long business trips or visiting your old family home. Design, on the other hand, is not a necessity but is a good addition to aesthetics and usability. 

Both of the floor cleaners are pretty similar in terms of dimension, with the Bissell CrossWave at 10.5 inches x 12 inches x 46 inches and the Hoover Floormate at 14.4 inches x 12.8 inches x 32.8 inches. These aren’t that considerable, but if you factor in the weight, the Bissell CrossWave is definitely much more portable at 11.02 pounds compared to the Hoover Floormate’s 13.8 pounds. 

Bissell CrossWave
The Bissell CrossWave is the perfect shape and comfortable to use.

Moreover, the Bissell CrossWave also has a better design since its low profile can help access even the furniture that comes low. It can reach the bottom of your bed, couch, or whatever you want to clean better than Hoover Floormate can. But, the Hoover has an advantage in storage as it comes with a foldable handle.

Still, if you’re really considering the holistic qualities of each design, we’re going to have to give it to Bissell CrossWave since it’s not only more portable but also can access more areas than its counterpart. 


Different floor surfaces have various textures that can make them more difficult to clean and maintain. For instance, rugs and carpets tend to hold onto dirt much better than bare floors since the cloth and fibers are much more prone to tangle. So, you have to consider your flooring and the cleaners’ capability when choosing which one to buy. 

The Bissell CrossWave is more versatile with floor surfaces since it can clean tiles, linoleum, wood, rugs, carpets, etc. It was primarily designed for harder surfaces, but its mop and brush rolls allow it to pick up dirt from fibers and nylon that are present in most carpets and rugs. 

The Hoover Floormate, on the other hand, is only suitable for hard surfaces since it does not have the same cleaning tools as Bissell Crosswave. It’s best for cleaning vinyl, tiles, and wood. If you’re someone who doesn’t own carpets or rugs in the first place, then this portion might not be that relevant for you, but considering the future use and general versatility of the cleaners, the Bissell CrossWave is definitely the better option. 

Cleaning Technology

The cleaners have one function, and that’s to clean your floors to the best of their abilities, but since these two are made by different companies, there are bound to be some differences in how exactly they clean your floors. 

Hoover is known for its ‘SpinScrub’ brush technology, which is also present in Hoover Floormate. This entails that the floor cleaners clean by efficiently using multiple brushes that spin in different directions for more coverage. It also has a ‘Clean Boost’ control that helps you discharge more soap if there are certain areas that are significantly messier or have stickier dirt. 

While the Bissell CrossWave also has its aforementioned multiple brush roll and suction that allows it to clean more surfaces, the Hoover Floormate’s technology is still more advanced and can be more efficient in cleaning your floor!

Convenience and Washability

Washability is a key factor that most forget about. You have to consider how well you can wash off the dirt on your cleaners’ brushes and filters. These can affect the efficiency of which your floor cleaner cleans since dirty brushes, of course, might make things worse over time. 

The Hoover Floormate has removable pieces (brushes, tank, nozzle, etc.), which makes it quite easy to clean. You can just take them out and do them with your laundry or in the sink for hygienic purposes. But, the filter itself is not removable so do still keep that in mind. 

Hoover Floormate
The Hoover Floormate is Convenient and Efficient.

On the other hand, Bissell CrossWave does not have removable parts, but it’s still pretty easy to clean since you just have to wipe the dirt off. The foldable handle makes it easier to move around while you clean it. Still, in terms of convenience and washability, the Hoover Floormate is certainly the better option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the Bissell Crosswave and Hoover Floormate Have Dual Tanks?

Both cleaners have dual tank systems, with different placements. With the Bissell CrossWave, the front tank stores all the dirt while the rear tanks contain clean water and detergent. With the Hoover Floormate, the left one contains the clean water while the right talk stores the dirty water. 

Which Model is Better? Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate?

The Bissell Crosswave is a lot more versatile, which is why we recommend it more. If you’re not a fan of carpets and rugs, though, you might want to consider the Hoover Floormate more since it has the convenience and technology factors. Still, holistically, the Bissell is better as it can clean more floors than its counterpart. 

What Are the Main Differences Between Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate

The main difference lies in the fact that Bissell CrossWave can clean carpeted floors while Hoover Floormate cannot. If cleanliness and washability are important to you, you may also want to keep in mind that the Hoover Floormate has removable parts, making it easier to clean. 

Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate: Which Has a Better Cord?

Both cleaners are corded, with Bissell CrossWave having a 25-inch long one, while the Hoover Floormate has a 20-inch cord. This is not such a big difference, but if it’s something you truly consider, go for the Bissell CrossWave. Moreover, you may also want to look into the cordless version of Hoover Floormate since that’s also available in the market. 

Final Verdict – Bissell Crosswave vs Hoover Floormate

The Bissell CrossWave is our better option marginally as it has a more versatile cleaning system for your homes, which you can use for much longer as well. Its design also makes it better for cleaning lower areas with better coverage, and its mobility is a bit better with its 25-inch cord! 

We hope this article has answered any questions you have regarding Bissell CrossWave vs Hoover Floormate.