Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors – 4 Top Picks

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Looking for the best steam mop for vinyl floors? These tools are imperative for those that own a vinyl floor. Our favorite choice is the Bissell PowerFresh, but each of the products listed in this article provide different distinct advantages and use cases.

Vinyl floors are known for their luxurious look and feel, making them a prime choice for most consumers when building their homes. But, cleaning them without a steam mop may cause irreversible damage to the wood; thus, we will introduce some tips and the four best steam mop for vinyl floors options in this article to make your cleaning experience the safest it can be!

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Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floor Buying Guide 

Here are some important criteria to consider when shopping for the best steam mop for vinyl floors.


Most options in our best steam mop for vinyl floor guide have the same characteristics, but some have the added edge in terms of portability, versatility, and functionality. Looking at features will tell you exactly how and when you will use your steam mops, ensuring that you get your money’s worth! 

Commonly added features are detachable stems for a two-in-one steam mop and clothes steamer, softer handles for a better grip, functional temperatures and steam settings, etc. Of course, having all of them is the best option, but considering different price points is still a healthy way of choosing. Just continue reading this article to know more! 

Cleaning Pad Material

Even if vinyl floors aren’t that brittle, and their topcoats aren’t easily rinsed, they are still very much prone to scratches. Having cleaning pad materials that are rougher may lead to some permanent damage if you aren’t careful. Plus, it’s just better to pick the safer option in the long run! 

For instance, microfiber as a material is incredibly soft for your floor, and it can also absorb many liquids without you having to wring it out frequently. And, the best part is that you wouldn’t have to put in that much work in cleaning the pad itself! Materials like microfiber would work great with any floor, and that’s what we recommend you to consider! 

Tank Capacity

A steam mop’s tank contains the water it will continuously evaporate to steam. Meaning, you will have to refill this from time to time when the water gets fully evaporated. Thus, having a larger tank capacity would mean you will refill it less but handle a much heavier mop, and the smaller ones require frequent refilling, though, more portable. 

Your choice will depend on your house’s floor size since you might have to cover a lot more space and, thus, need to use up some water. Others who often go on trips also consider portability and it being travel-friendly. Still, both types have their clear disadvantages that might be a dealbreaker for you. 

Temperature Settings

Temperature settings dictate how intense the steam will come out as more heat can evaporate more water. Even if vinyl floors aren’t as sensitive to heat compared to laminate floors, extreme heat brought about by boiling water, hot irons, etc. can still damage them. Moreover, nearby furniture and ornaments may not be as strong in handling the heat. 

So, it is still really important that you have the correct temperature settings for your needs. It’s better to be safe and have them adjustable so that you can be more efficient with cleaning. Additionally, higher heat can use up more electricity and water, and wasting anything is never suggested. 

Wired vs Wireless?

The difference between the best steam mop for vinyl floors may come down to the wiring. The two most common choices are wired and wireless steam mops. The difference between these too is the presence of the power cord and battery, respectively. If you prefer a more powerful mop for cleaning or have a messier environment in general, you may want to consider choosing a wired one as those are generally more intense. 

Wired ones, on the other hand, work on battery. You will need to charge them up before using them, which is a hassle for some. But, if you plan on bringing your mops whenever you travel, this addition might be perfect for you. The wired versions will be more convenient and worth it for your lifestyle. 

Remember all these criteria when deciding between the best steam mop for vinyl floors.

Best Steam Mop for Vinyl Floors – Top 2022 Picks

Bissell Power Fresh All-in-one – Best Steam Mop

As Bissell is one of the leading vacuum companies, they were able to combine their expertise in that industry into that of steam mops’. The Bissell Power Fresh All-in-one is a two-in-one vacuum cleaner and steam mop that offers a convenient and quick way to clean your home. Its build has both the dust collector and tank on the front, and the style is made of a white stem and a green capsule.

The two-in-one steam mop is relatively heavy compared to its competitors at 13.57 pounds, but its size is considerably smaller at 9 in x 11 in x 46.5 in dimensions. However, the weight balances out its functionality as it can, again, suck any dirt and dust while cleaning the surfaces of your vinyl floors. 

This corded steam mop is generally the best for everyone, should you have the budget for it as it costs around twice as much as its competitors. Still, having the convenience is worth it, and the steam mop’s digital control pads on its body add to the whole easy and efficient experience. 

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Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop
  • Vacuum and steam your hard floors at the same time.
  • Sanitize floors using the natural power of steam, eliminating 99. 9% of germs and bacteria.

Bissell Power Fresh Deluxe – Most Powerful

If you’re looking for a cheaper but still incredibly decent alternative for the Bissell Power Fresh All-in-one, the Bissell Power Fresh Deluxe offers a great cleaning experience as its steam production is considered the most powerful of all. The design is also really sleek, with a white and metallic navy blue color scheme, a really thin body and stem, and a soft triangular handle on top. 

This product is also half as heavy as the first, weighing at just 6.2 pounds一a surprisingly small number for its power一but its dimensions are very much similar at 9.5 in x 13 in x 46 in. It is also a corded steam mop that can clear out 99.99% of all bacteria while leaving a fresh scent behind to give off a clean feel to your home.

The Bissell Power Fresh Deluxe is the best choice for those who clean regularly or have pets and children around as the steam mop offers a very safe but powerful way to clean even the stickiest dirt. It has an on board spot boost brush that can easily scrub off the toughest mess. 

Bissell Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1806, Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets..Choose between high or low steam settings based on your cleaning needed. Heater warm up time: 30 seconds. Cleaning path width - 12 inches
  • Sanitize your hard floors to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals; (When used as directed; Does not include fragrance disc)

Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop – Most Lightweight Steam Mop

Light ‘n’ Easy offers a variety of steam mops, as the company name promises, most of which are incredibly lightweight and portable. The Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop has a very thin stem that is attached to a compact water tank, leading down to a rectangular cleaning pad. Its pure black color scheme also adds to the premium look of the product. 

Its lightweight feature at 3.5 pounds does not necessarily translate to size, though, as the product is as large as 110 in x 16 in x 75 in. It’s also prided for its very quick heating up time at 30 seconds and high temperatures that can reach up to 212 degrees celsius. 

Since its main feature is its weight, the Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop is best for those who are physically a bit weaker or generally just somebody who does not want to carry around a heavy mop. The style ensures that you leave a refreshing scent that comes with the steamer as well, which makes it good with kids and pets! 

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop, Ultra-Lightweight, Child & Pet Steamer, Deep Cleaning for Hardwood Floor/Tile/Laminate/Vinyl/Carpet, 7618ANB, Black
  • Super lightweight design (3. 5 pounds without water) to ensure an easy and pleasant experience without compromising any cleaning capabilities. Ergonomics is simple,no swiveling, just pushing forward and pulling backward motions with a L-shape handle.
  • Compelling 1150W high temperature steamer, provide the powerful natural steam within 20s, easy to remove stubborn stains. Only need add water into tank, insuring a friendly environment for the family with kids, the elderly, or pets.

Shark S1000 Steam Mop – Most Affordable

Our last choice for best steam mop for vinyl floors comes from Shark. Shark offers a variety of budget-friendly steam mops on the market, and the Shark S1000 Steam Mop is by far one of the most lightweight options out there. Even if the price is a bit lower than the others, its designs still have a premium look and feel from the pure white and translucent seafoam color scheme. It also stems from a soft handle that makes it infinitely easier to grip in long periods. 

The product has 11 in x 7.4 in x 46.1 in dimensions and weighs 4.6 pounds, making this mop quite easy to store and move. It also has a removable XL water tank that doesn’t require you to refill frequently, meaning less hassle and effort from you! It also comes with two dirt grip pads in the package. 

While it is not the best one in terms of features offered, the Shark S1000 Steam Mop is the best for those on a tight budget as it can still deliver on your most basic cleaning needs at a lower price. Its heating time is just as quick as the others一at 30 seconds一and can still produce pure steam to clean off any dirt and grime from your floors, with no chemicals added. 

Shark S1000 Steam Mop, White/Seafoam
  • Clean and sanitize with just water.Cleaning Path Width: 11 inches
  • On demand steam ready within 30 seconds

Frequently Asked Question About Steam Mops on Vinyl Floors

Can you Steam Mop Vinyl Flooring?

You can steam mop vinyl flooring, but you have to be careful about its heat and temperature settings. High temperatures can easily warp the wood, causing permanent damages that will require you to replace them. So, knowing how to use your steam mop is vital.

How Often Should I Steam Mop Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl floors won’t be damaged by the continuous use of steam mops, as long as you make sure the temperatures do not go over what is recommended. So, it’s best to do it as regularly as once a week to ensure your family’s hygiene and safety. 

Can You Steam Mop Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors?

While luxury vinyl plank floors generally have harder wood, they still contain a significant amount of topcoats that might get erased or damaged with high heat. Still, as long as you know what you are doing with the steam mop and be as conscious about the heat as you can, then there shouldn’t be much problem steam mopping luxury vinyl plank floors. Using one of our options for best steam mop for vinyl floors is a great way to clean luxury vinyl plank floors.

Best Steam Mop For Vinyl Floors Conclusion

All in all, even if vinyl floors are susceptible to heat, investing in a steam mop is worth it as it can make your cleaning experience way better. Using them will also take less time, making your day much more productive than it used to! You just have to practice and be aware of the settings at all times.

And, while we were able to discuss the best steam mops in different categories, you still have to pick which one is best for your needs; pick what feels and sounds right. Every person is different, after all, and what’s good for one may not be the best for you! 

We hope this article has answered any questions you have regarding the best steam mop for vinyl floors.