Best Steam Cleaner For Mattresses in 2022

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Most homeowners regularly change and launder their bedsheets. While this is an excellent practice, it is not enough to keep your bed and home in pristine condition. It is also essential to steam clean your mattress. This is a task where the Best Steam Cleaner For Mattress will come in handy.

Mattress Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

A portable steam cleaner is just the device you need to transform the cleanliness and sanitization of your home. A handheld steam cleaner takes cleaning to an all-new level by emitting hot bursts of steam into the mattress to break up deep-down stains, bacteria, fungi, and mold spores.


Size is an important consideration when searching for the best steam cleaner For mattresses. Steam cleaners come available in a myriad of designs and styles. They can be big with more powerful motors capable of emitting larger and hotter steam clouds for deeper cleaning. They also come available in smaller, more portable designs that allow for easy maneuvering and transporting.

Steam Mop Vs Cylinder VS Handheld Steamer

When searching for the best steam cleaner for mattresses, you will likely see multiple mop types.Although there are a number of home cleaning tools today capable of emitting smoke for deeper cleanings, not all of them are suitable for all applications. Take the steam mop, for example. This device is designed similarly to that of a microfiber mop. These are more suited for hardwood floors and the like.

Cylinder steam cleaners feature a canister-style design, hence the name. These are much larger than their counterparts and offer more thorough and powerful deep steam cleanings. As you’ve probably gleaned, handheld steam cleaners are smaller, more portable versions of steam mop. They usually have wheels and the like, to make them more transport friendly.

Pressure And Temperature

Modern steam cleaners are rated by several different classifications. Pressures and temperature are two of those classifications. And they will determine how powerful the machine is as well as how hot a steam it can produce. Ideally, one would think the hotter, the better. Unfortunately, this is not entirely the case, as some mattress materials are limited to the heat they can sustain.

Drying Time

Steam is not completely a liquid application, making it an easier and more friendly type of cleaning. However, the steam emitted to break down stains and fungi deep in the mattress will still create a bit of condensation, like a soda can, when it encounters the mattress. Therefore, there will be a drying period associated will all the best steam cleaner for mattresses machines.


As you can imagine, bigger steam cleaners are going to produce more noise. It is because the motors and other internal components work harder and longer. That said, some steam cleaner manufacturers make special efforts and adjustments to mitigate the noise levels. Depending on where and how you plan on using your machine, the noise level might be a major deciding factor when looking for the best steam cleaner for mattresses.


Price always plays a major role when it comes to finding the best steam cleaner for mattresses. Just remember that age-old saying, “you get what you pay for.” This could not be truer when it comes to the steam cleaning market. However, it is still possible to find an affordable handheld steam cleaning machine that offers everything one needs without breaking into your retirement. You just need to know what qualities to look for and where to shop.

The 5 Best Steam Cleaner For Mattresses in 2022

Bissell Little Green Multi-Purposes Portable Upholstery Cleaner – Best Professional Steam Cleaner

Bissell Little Green Multi-Purposes Portable Upholstery Cleaner

It shouldn’t surprise many to see Bissell at the top of the steam cleaning industry. They are a quality household name that’s been delivering tough home cleaning products to consumers for years now. They’ve had everything from their own line of vacuum cleaners to a new line of steam cleaners.

Bissell is offering in the Little Green Machine a sophisticatedly compact machine that is extremely portable but offers big cleaning power. The included 48-ounce tank offers more cleaning between refills. To add to its function and portability there is a 3-inch tough stain tool that will make quick work of scrubbing and sucking away the toughest stains. Bissell even includes with this purchase an 8-ounce trail-size spot and stain formula.

This machine offers a lot of impressive features, but it is the HydroRinse Self-Cleaning Tool that really shines. The machine’s hose features an easily maintainable design that allows you to rinse it out after every use. This contributes wonder to maintaining and cleaning the machine.

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Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner – Best Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is more than aptly named, as it offers an extremely versatile 17-piece kit capable of tackling a multitude of tough home cleaning tasks. With its pure ability to refresh and recharge any surface it meets; it should be easy to see how Dupray has grown to be one of the leading steam cleaning manufacturers.

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner does offer a compact and portable design, but don’t let this fool you. It is still designed with a heavy-duty tank with a capacity to offer 50 minutes of cleaning. The powerful steam production of 275-degrees F makes this tool suitable for a variety of cleaning tasks, including mattresses. The 54-ounce tank combined with the nearly 7’ hose and 16’ power cord only add to the overall versatility of this machine.

Although Dupray is not as well-known as Bissell, it is easy to see they believe in what they are selling. They are more than willing to stand behind their unique offering here by including a two-year warranty with the purchase. You run into any problems in the first two years and the manufacturer may go as far as replacing the machine if necessary.

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McCulloch MC1375 – Most Portable Steam CleanerMcCulloch MC1375

With their headquarters based in Andover, Kansas, and the backing of a two-year warranty, you get peace of mind that McCulloch believes in what they are selling. They show they are certainly willing to stand behind their products. The sleek and beautiful black/yellow color combination gives the McCulloch MC1375 the appealing aesthetics to match its powerful performance.

The McCulloch MC1375 only features a 48-ounce tank, but it possesses the ability to reach maximum heat in under 12 minutes. This offers the utmost efficiency, allowing the machine to operate for 90 minutes before needing a refill. Combine this with the power 58 PSI, 18-foot power cord, and 10-foot cleaning hose, and the McCulloch MC1375 offers endless cleaning possibilities.

Designed with complete versatility in mind, the McCulloch MC1375 comes included with 20 practical accessories. There is no doubt this machine is portable and powerful with its ability to reach maximum heat in under 12 minutes. However, that power can be controlled with the variable steam control and 4 bar pressure gauge. This’ll allow you to uniquely customize the machine for various cleaning tasks.

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COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner – Most Affordable Steam Cleaner

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

A well-reputed household name delivering big time with their extremely affordable and portable steam cleaner. Do not be fooled by the price tag because this machine is versatile and durable enough to efficiently tackle the toughest household cleaning jobs.

The extra-long 16-foot power cord and 2 alternative extension steam tubes along with the 19” soft pipe is just a mere testament to this tool’s capabilities. With 19 different household accessories and a large 51-ounce tank that reaches a maximum heat of 226.4-degrees F in just 9 minutes, you tackle all jobs with the utmost efficiency.

While this tool includes a variety of accessories and capabilities that make it compact and portable, it is the unique design that makes the biggest contribution. The small body only weighs 11 pounds but features a set of durable plastic wheels. Giving consumers the ability to easily roll the device where it needs to go.

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Comforday Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner – Best Handheld Steam CleanerComforday Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Comforday is not the biggest steam cleaning manufacturer, but it is clear they are offering something entirely different, new, and refreshing here. With its one-step cleaning ability, the Comforday easily makes the toughest tasks easier, quicker, and simpler. Combine that with its top-of-the-line compact size and design, and you’ll be afforded the utmost portability and convenience during every use.

The Comforday features a small and compact design that weighs under 4 pounds, but it produces big power. The tank is, unfortunately, smaller with a 350 ml capacity because of the portable design, but it can reach a maximum of 270-degrees F in a matter of minutes. The 1050 watts of power afford anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes of 270-degrees high-powered steam.

Many are fooled by Comforday’s small footprint, but it possesses huge power and even bigger capabilities. With powerful hot steam production, this machine cuts through the toughest dirt and biggest messes. This machine is tough enough to tackle grout and grease stains, but also sensitive and versatile enough to clean laminate, ceramic, linoleum, glass, marble, and granite.

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Best Steam Cleaner For Mattresses FAQs:

Can You Steam Clean A Mattress?

When most people think of steam cleaning, they tend to think of those old bulky vacuum cleaner-style carpet cleaners. While those machines are still widely used and effective today, the designs have completely changed. Thanks to technology the best steam cleaner for mattresses can now be produced with smaller motors and components. Simply put, the machines are more portable than ever, making them suitable for a variety of tough household cleaning tasks, including mattresses. In short, you can steam clean a mattress.

How To Steam Clean A Mattress

Most people think of steam cleaning a mattress as simply just running steam over the mattress and doing nothing else. This isn’t the most effective approach. To achieve the best and most efficient results, the mattress needs to be properly prepped. This involves stripping the mattress down bare and going over it with a vacuum cleaner. This process will knock free the more stubborn dirt and debris.

Is Steam Cleaner Safe For Mattress?

Steam cleaning has grown to be one of the most popular types of cleaning today. This is not only because it is an effective deep cleaning solution, but it doesn’t require the utilization of any harsh chemicals and cleaners. Steam is nothing more than a high-powered, high-pressurized heat, making it suitable for a myriad of cleaning tasks, including mattresses.

That said, you’ll always want to check with your mattress manufacturer before steam cleaning. It is possible that some materials might be too sensitive to the heat produced by the steam. Most steam cleaners reach anywhere from 170 to 200 degrees F so you must approach with caution. Check with your manufacturer to see what your mattress is safely rated for. Most designs and materials can handle these temperatures with ease.

Where To Buy A Steam Cleaner For Mattress?

Steam cleaning is hardly a new technology, although the technology in the industry is constantly evolving. That said, steam cleaning machines have been around for a long time, making them readily accessible. You can find these machines available everywhere from hardware stores to common big-box retailers.

However, shopping online is usually the best approach. When shopping online, you can browse through thousands of models and designs in a mere fraction of the time you can in a physical retail store. From the models listed above, choose your favorite qualities and capabilities and apply them to the model and brand you choose.

We hope this guide has helped you find the best steam cleaner for mattresses.