Best Robot Vacuums Under $100

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In this article, you will discover the best robot vacuums under $100. We’re talking about the best value robovacs that costs less but do more! Read on to get to know our expert recommendations and top 5 picks.

Vacuuming seems like one of those activities that are easy to overlook. Fortunately, we have robot vacuum cleaners that will never get bored or distracted and don’t mind vacuuming each day. As a result, your floors may be kept clean with very little work on your side.

Although robot vacuums can price upwards of $1,000, you don’t have to spend that much to clean your floors. If you’re trying to save money, there are various options available in the market that’ll do the job without spending a fortune. There are many excellent affordable alternatives out there, so we’ve compiled a list of our top-rated robot vacuums under $100 to identify the most suitable bot on a budget.

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Finding the Best Robot Vacuums Under $100 —Key Features

Consider features such as battery life, size, and suction power when selecting a robot vacuum. It’s challenging to locate high-quality products on a budget that meets these criteria. However, in this section, we guarantee that you will receive satisfaction with the things we have selected for you.

Roombas or robot vacuums are frequently discounted, with the best deals available during Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Most of the products we recommend on this list are likely to be on sale, so waiting for such days is worth waiting.


Prices vary greatly depending on the brand and capabilities, with some items costing as low as $100 and others costing over $1,000. As a result, the budget is crucial. It’s tough to select a brand for your robot vacuum, especially if you’re low on cash. 

Coredy, ISWEEP, SereneLife, GOOVII, and Thamtu’s robotic vacuum cleaners are among the best affordable robot vacuum cleaners included in the products section.

Technology features

Vacuuming is a simple but time-consuming activity that can be made easier with a robot vacuum. Nonetheless, you’ll want something powerful and quiet that doesn’t demand continual monitoring. So in this section is the list of technologies to look for when we talk about budget Roombas.


Any robotic vacuum cleaner has at least three wheels; two front casters and two side wheels. Smooth, little side wheels might not even make it across thresholds, but side wheels with traction or those that are larger have much less trouble.

If you want a robot vacuum to get the most out of its time on the job, the cleaning patterns it provides are significant. The robot will move in a randomized or organized manner, with random taking a longer time. Some robots move around the room’s edge or in circular movements to clean a small area.

The breadth and height of the robotic vacuum dictate how well it can move under and between furniture. A small, slender vacuum will easily reach under a low-sitting couch or between the legs of four chairs legs. On the other hand, a considerable robot vacuum can clean a larger area in one pass, reducing cleaning time.


Practically all robot vacuums employ infrared sensors. On-board cameras are also used in some high-end models for navigating and smartphone tracking. Despite this, low-cost robot vacuums solely contain sensors to prevent falling from great heights or colliding with furniture.


Filtration and screens are crucial. They prevent dust from getting into the motor by keeping it out of the air. Even though a filter improves suction strength, they are rarely seen in low-cost robot vacuums.

The majority of those with a filter will have a regular one. Still, some will have a HEPA filter, which can collect 99.97% of particles like dust, dirt, and animal hair. 


At this pricing point, simple is the right approach. As a result, many robot vacuum cleaners have only one cleaning operation. Their course is frequently random due to a lack of advanced navigation. 

While still not impossible, finding a robot vacuum that provides patch cleaning and border cleaning or operates in a systematic pattern for under $100 is difficult.


Low-cost robot vacuums lack features such as a controller and Wi-Fi connectivity. Since the money required to install these technologies surpasses the budget price, they struggle to keep these Roombas’ prices under to attract budget buyers. However, all settings needed for cleaning should be found on the vacuum unit.

Charge Time and Battery Life

A decent vacuum cleaner can clean for a long time. However, it takes a long time to charge compared to the run duration. A robot vacuum that requires more than five hours to charge is not deemed efficient, unless, of course, it cleans for 10 hours. 

Several of the best robot vacuum cleaners under $100 may last up to an hour. A good vacuum cleaner should also have a powerful battery and suction capability. Based on the scale of your home, battery capacity is also a significant factor. 

Most robot vacuums have a run time of at least 60-70 minutes, which should be plenty for smaller apartments and houses. If you have a larger living space, search for a robot vacuum with a battery life of at least half an hour so it can clean every room before needing to be recharged. To see how long the robot can run before it has to be docked, we recharge the batteries to total capacity, start a cleaning cycle, and determine how long the robot can operate before docking. 

A robot’s battery may run out after numerous complete cleaning cycles in some instances. 

Additional caution on battery life 

High-power modes frequently reduce and degrade robot vacuum cleaners. Note that the batteries in these less expensive models aren’t as large, usually between 800 and 1200mAh, instead of 2600 to 3300mAh for higher-end models. This means they’ll die sooner, clean a smaller area, and recharge more slowly, so you’ll have to also manually recharge them.

Floor Type

Because bare, flat surfaces are easier to travel on and have fewer microscopic cracks for dust and dirt to get stuck in, robot vacuums have often been ideally utilized for hardwood floors. A robot vacuum may be a helpful cleaning help for many homeowners because it eliminates the stress and labor of cleaning while also ensuring that it does not become stuck.

Most robot vacuums are capable of cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors. Rugs should also be considered when making a selection. Lower-end models may become entangled in tassels.

Robot vacuum cleaners built for hardwood floors are still viable options for tile floors. Brushes or suction pipes are used by most robot vacuums, and they operate best on hard floors, low pile carpets, and tiles. A robot vacuum can clean your ceramic or porcelain tile floors, so you wouldn’t have to.

Aside from hardwood and tile floors, robot vacuums can clean vinyl, laminate, carpets, and just about anything else. Wood floors, unlike carpets, do not require one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners. To grab every bit of dirt, dust, and hair, you’ll still need a pretty significant suction force and tangle-free brushes. 


Robot vacuums come in various sizes and shapes and a range of pricing. The more you spend, the more features you receive. Higher-end robot vacuums, for example, will have improved cartography features and capabilities such as keep-out zones, solitary cleaning, and concentrated area cleaning for high-traffic areas.

On the other hand, robot vacuums under $100 clean just as well as versions costing three to four times as much. Also, keep in mind that many companies will discount older versions as newer versions are released.


A warranty guarantees the product’s quality. It demonstrates the company’s complete trust in its product. According to the contract, Certification Services would perform repairs or even replace damaged equipment. Consumers who have warranties can ask the manufacturer to resolve any difficulties following the warranty’s terms and conditions.

Especially when we are looking for robot vacuum cleaners on a budget, ensuring a warranty would be a smart move. Roombas can quickly degrade when misused, so it’s best to know the procedures of such products. Also, by having a warranty, you may have rights, depending on the terms and conditions you signed, to repair/replace any broken part.

The Best Robot Vacuums Under $100

ISWEEP JWS-S320 – Best Wet Dry Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ISWEEP JWS-S320 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Slim Wet and Dry Mopping/Anti-Collision System/Schedule Cleaning Plan Automatic Cleaning/Spot Cleaning/Edge Cleaning Blue
  • 【3 programed cleaning modes】It begain with a zigzag path,then change to a circle path, If it encounters an object, enter the clean path to along the object.The three cleaning modes switch alternately.The cleaning modes can help clean your home more efficiently.Special remind,the S320 not always stay in one cleaning mode ,it will change the cleaning path in minutes so pls be patient
  • 【2 in 1 vacuum and mop】Vacuuming, Dry Mopping, Sweeping all in one.And it can working for 40-80min one time.

Need to Know Information

  • 2.95-inch slim body
  • Hot-selling for 10+ years because of its good quality and low price
  • One year free repair for the main engine

What we Love About it: Most cost-effective wet and dry mopping robot vacuum for cleaning hard surfaces. It’s inexpensive, adaptable, simple to use, and well-designed.

The ISWEEP JWS-S320 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners for wet and dry mopping that is also reasonably priced for those on a tight budget. It also has an anti-collision technology built in, which prevents the robot from colliding with furniture or edges in your home. In addition, the ISWEEP JWS-S320 has three modes: vacuuming, dry mopping, and sweeping into one machine that can work for 40-80 minutes at a time.

The ISWEEP JWS-S320’s cleaning patterns start with a zigzag path, then switch to a circular route. If it comes across an object, it enters the clear path to track it. The three cleaning modes alternate amongst each other. Cleaning modes will assist you in cleaning your hard floors and carpets more effectively.

This robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for low workloads. It is integrated with waterproof systems and has a suction force of 1200Pa and a dust box capacity of 350ml, all for around $100. This feature of a Roomba is tough to come by at a reasonable cost. 

For customer assurance, the ISWEEP robot vacuum cleaner comes with a worry-free 12-month warranty when you buy it.


Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Robot Vacuum for Hardwood

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Upgraded Lithium Battery 90 Min Run Time - Automatic Bot Self Detects Stairs Pet Hair Allergies Friendly Robotic Home Cleaning for Carpet Hardwood Floor
  • SIMPLE HOME CLEANING: Wireless robotic vacuum cleaner auto cleans tile, hardwood flooring and short carpet - Easy 1 touch activation
  • LOW MINI PROFILE: The vacuum robot features a 2.9” low profile will travel through any room and is small enough to fit under the couch or bed in your house

Need to Know Information

  • One Button Operation
  • #20 in Commercial Indoor Robotic Vacuums
  • 1.9 pounds

What we Love About it: Great for hardwoods, tiles, short carpets, and on rooms full of furniture. It’s cheap, lightweight, versatile, and convenient.

SereneLife’s Pure Clean vacuum robot has a 2.9″ low profile to navigate any space and is compact enough to slip under your couch or bed. The built-in anti-fall cliff sensors on the robot vacuum cleaner will immediately detect a gap and prevent it from running down the stairs. The Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner’s air filter in the automatic vacuum cleaner traps fine dust particles in the dustbin.

The robot also doesn’t have revolving underbrush, so it doesn’t get clogged with dog or cat hair like other models do. Two side sweeper brushes on the robotic floor cleaner increase the vacuum’s range and spin to capture dirt and dust on open floors, walls, and corners. This robot vacuum can easily and quickly clean your hardwood, tile, and carpet floors.

This robot can clean your hardwood and carpet flooring for 90 minutes with only one-touch activation with an updated lithium battery. And all of that effort would just take four hours to charge—how convenient. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for you, particularly if you have a pet at home.


Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Robot Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Thamtu Robot Vacuum Cleaner, APP Control, 150Min Runtime, 2500Pa Suction, Slim, Quiet Cleaning, Good for Pet Hairs, Hard Floor, Medium-Pile Carpet (Silver with Remote)
  • Navigation Skills Reigned Supreme - With the new generation of dynamic navigation by Thamtu, the robot vacuum cleaner excels at making its way through a cramped and cluttered home, boldly cleaning where other robots fear to tread.
  • Smarter Not Harder - The perfect hands-off cleaning partner cleans effectively and hassle-free without constant babysitting with snags and jams, while always find its way back once finished or out of power.

Need to Know Information

  • 2.7-inch ultra slim body
  • Ranked 38th in Robotic Vacuums
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars customer feedback

What we Love About it: Remote controlled, increased power yet quiet suction, and perfect for vinyl floors. It’s low-cost, efficient, self-charging, and easy to control.

The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best budget Roombas. With 1700Pa vacuum power, it can pick up almost every dirt, dust, hair, pet fur and debris for an impeccable clean home. This robot vacuum cleaner features 4 selective cleaning modes for various messes, upgraded motion sensors help the robot vacuum navigate under furniture and around obstacles on the floor for a more thorough cleaning job, and dual-edge side brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris along with walls and corners.

Also, upgraded anti-collision and anti-drop intelligent sensor technology plus a pressure-sensitive soft bumper guide the robotic vacuum cleaner to navigate obstacles and avoid falling downstairs and edges. Moreover, Up to 110 minutes of quiet but powerful suction cleaning auto-recharge allows the automatic vacuum robot always be ready to clean. The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a remote control that allows you to connect to it with a button on a remote.

This Roomba cleans hardwood, carpet floors, and vinyl floors. For as low as $100, you will never go wrong with this product as it also offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Thamtu Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Robot Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1700Pa Super-Strong Suction, Ultra Slim, Automatic Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum for Cleaning Hardwood Floors, Medium-Pile Carpets, Filter for Pet, Easy Schedule Cleaning
  • Robot Vacuum and Mop: R300 robot vacuum cleaner increase vacuum power with 1700Pa of suction. Four optional modes to meet different cleaning needs: Auto cleaning/Edge cleaning/Spot cleaning/Low noise cleaning.
  • Powerful but Slim: Powerful inhale motor suction vacuum combines with 27 degrees dual edge side brushes get into every nook and cranny effectively suck in hair, pet fur, animal dander, ideal for homes with dog, cat, and other furry friends. 2.7inch super slim design glides under and around beds, sofas, and other furniture for comprehensive cleaning performance.

Need to Know Information

  • 4 Lithium ion batteries
  • Smart Dynamic Navigation
  • App control, voice prompt, WiFi compatible

What we Love About it: Most low-priced mid-end robotic vacuum. It’s affordable, long-lasting, hassle-free, and easy-monitored.

This robot vacuum cleaner specializes at making inroads around a cramped and crowded home, fearlessly cleaning where many other robots fear to tread, thanks to Thamtu’s latest generation of dynamic navigation. Additionally, the ideal hands-off cleaning companion cleans correctly and without fuss, without frequent supervision due to snagging and jamming, and always returns once done or out of energy. For a better customer experience, it is integrated with audio prompts that assist you with intelligent speech alerts rather than just “Beeps” when errors arise.

The Thamtu robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled using just your fingertips. The  Thamtu robot vacuum can be controlled remotely through APP and linked to your existing home automation system, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, making it simple to start a cleanup routine and do whatever you want. With three cleaning modes, an intense suction of 2500 Pa, and a 150-minute ultra-long runtime, crumbs and pet hair on your laminate floors will never have a chance to accumulate.

With AutoBoost Technology and Quiet Cleaning, the Thamtu robot vacuum cleaner will increase its suction power automatically and silently when it detects carpets for a boost in cleaning power. This is the best robot vacuum cleaner you could get for under $100. 


GOOVII 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet

Need to Know Information

  • 500mL dust-box capacity
  • SmartIQ Technology
  • Self-Charging 360° Smart Sensor

What we Love About it: High-volume, ideal for dusty carpet floors. It’s budget-friendly, efficient, intelligent, and carpet worry-free.

The GOOVII Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a 1600Pa suction power that sucks up dust, debris, and dirt. It’s best for carpets and hardwood floors. This Roomba also features a remote-controlled system for easy operation and a one-touch auto cleaning. When the GOOVI compact robot vacuum runs out of power, it immediately returns to the charging dock to recharge, ensuring that it is consistently powered and prepared to clean.

The GOOVI robot vacuum is designed with huge wheels that can roll over carpets and climb over door sills to get to the filth. This Roomba is also integrated with multiple vacuuming modes with a remote-controlled system and a pre-set cleaning time that provides a painless clean-up while doing other tasks or even nothing. This bot glides underneath mattresses and sofas with ease, vacuuming where dirt lurks.

Your floors and carpets will never get dirty as before when there’s this robot vacuum cleaner that probes your home for specks of dust and dirt. 


FAQ When Searching for the Best Robot Vacuums Under $100

Do Roombas Work?

Roombas are great for cleaning and maintaining floors clean daily. It will take up crumbs and debris, so you won’t have to worry about constantly bringing out a more enormous hand-held vacuum or mop. However, it may be preferable to use a regular vacuum; Roombas cannot yet fully replace standing vacuums.

If you’re willing to pay extra for efficient cleaners, Roomba is a wise investment. It’s also a popular choice for working families with children, pets, and work-from-home individuals.

What surfaces do robot vacuums work on?

A Roomba moves from one flooring to the next autonomously, including rugs, carpets, tiles, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors. The dust, debris, pet hair, and other detritus that a Roomba collects from your carpets and hard surfaces are astonishing. Depending on what model you have, they can move around — or even under — furniture and segue between hardwood and carpet. 

In the industry, several robot vacuums perform wonderfully on tile floors. In fact, many robotic vacuums come with mopping capabilities (such as the ISWEEP JWS-S320), which is very effective when working with ceramic tiles.

When cleaning vinyl floor thoroughly, a robotic vacuum cleaner for vinyl floor planks should be gentle enough to not destroy the natural gloss of LVPs. In any situation, a good robotic vacuum cleaner should never get stuck in unexpected areas.

Do robot vacuums clean themselves?

This technology is programmed into higher-end robot vacuums. On the other hand, there are expensive robot vacuums that clean floors and empty themselves automatically. In fact, some models will cope with the filth they accumulate on their own for weeks.

If your Roombas do not have this feature, you will have to manually clean your robot vacuums. Depending on the quantity of filth the robot picks up and the manufacturer’s guidelines, your robot vacuum cleaner filter should be cleaned. The bin should be emptied every three or four cycles, and to maintain maximum suction force, this is advised.

Do robot vacuums charge themselves?

A self-charging robot vacuum cleaner will travel back to its charging base to recharge. On the other hand, models with these features may cost you more.

Where to buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Luckily, you can get robot vacuum cleaners in your local appliance center and malls. However, by buying them online, you do not have to stand in queues at cash counters to pay for the Roombas that you have chosen. Conveniently, you can shop for robot vacuums from your home or workplace and do not have to spend time getting to physical stores.

Although many brands on the internet may not be available on your nearest physical storefronts. For example, if you reside in a small town, you might only have access to more prominent brands than smaller businesses that would be of interest to you but only have flagship branches in major cities.

If you want to purchase them online, sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are the top 3 best online marketplaces. Furthermore, if you buy robot vacuum cleaners at their manufacturer site, that is also recommendable.

Best Robot Vacuums Under $100 Conclusion

Over the last few years, robot vacuums have advanced at a breakneck pace. Earlier models will repeatedly clean the same area while completely overlooking another; however, with many models now including mid-cleaning recharging, mid-end robots will return to their port, recharge, and then resume cleaning where it left off. The ratio between suction performance and battery capacity has advanced to a significant amount that you might want to consider buying one. 

Many robot vacuums can map your entire home and allow you control over which rooms are cleaned and how frequently they are cleaned, but all of that technology is really not cheap. Conversely, the best vacuums have more suction for a cheaper price, demanding more manual work. They’re all physical work, in reality. 

Though they can’t wholly replicate a conventional hand-held vacuum’s deep-cleaning capability, we think robot vacuums are worth considering for routine vacuuming in between deep cleaning periods, without the trouble of dragging a vacuum out of your closet doing it yourself. They’re incredibly beneficial in homes with dogs, which may readily amass fur and dander. You can even acquire a robot vacuum to tidy up before unexpected visitors arrive.

The five top best robot vacuums under $100 listed above were chosen from various customer satisfaction surveys and online feedback. So, if you’re searching for a good, inexpensive robot vacuum, have a look at the list we’ve set prepared. You just might find the best budget Roomba suitable for your home!