How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Cost?

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How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Cost? Rugs are made of natural, renewable fibers that deter bacteria and dust mites, a great investment to your home. They are also warm and soft underfoot, work beautifully with your indoor decor, and are durable when cared for properly. The machine-woven wool rugs can last up to 20-30 years, while tufted wool rugs can last up to sixty years. Apart from being long-lasting, they also maintain that new-rug-look with proper care.

Steam cleaning helps you enjoy clean, fresh rugs that are restored to their full glory. Many know that steam cleaning is good for polyester, but it is great for rugs.It involves cleaning and sanitizing the rug fibers by injecting a mixture of specialist detergent and pressurized hot water. This ensures that the micro-organisms and dirt within the pile are completely removed. You cannot achieve this with dry rug cleaning and regular vacuuming.

Steam cleaning is carried out with specialist equipment – a hot water extraction machine. This rug cleaning method helps to remove any stain along with stubborn dirt. It also helps to reduce mold, allergens, mildew, fungi, and even dust mites, all of which can damage your health. Steam cleaning your rug at least twice a year helps to prolong its life.

Although regular cleaning will keep your rug looking nice and extend its life, it is good to consider the costs. First, you have to determine if replacement or cleaning is the best decision for your goals and budgets. Then to get the answers you need, you have to dig into a few specifics, such as what your rug is made of and how it was made.

To calculate the cost to clean floors, everything is based on the rug’s square footage. The length of the rug is multiplied by the width to find the total square feet. For example, a rug that is 6 feet wide and 10 feet long is 60 square feet. And the next step is to multiply the 60 by the square footage price.

Often, the dimensions of your rug are included on the tag; otherwise, check the back of the rug. Continuing with the above example, if the cost per square foot is $1.84, the cost of cleaning would be $110.4. But keep in mind that inches are rounded up or down, so prices may vary slightly from your calculation. Also, steam cleaning prices vary from company to company and depend on your location.

Let’s get into a breakdown of How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Costs.

Below is a Breakdown of How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Cost

Based on the Fiber, Style, and Type of Rug you Have:

  1. Domestic Rugs – These are pieces of regular rugs with binding or edging. They contain nylon, polypropylene (olefin), triexta, and polyester. On average, you will pay approximately $1.70 per square foot to have your domestic rug steam cleaned. For example, for 44 square feet domestic rug with general soiling, you would pay around $74.80.
  2. Synthetic Area Rugs – They have a pattern and are typically multi-colored, and are usually made with olefin, polypropylene, and nylon. They may have a plastic or coarse feel when touched, and come either bound, serged or they will have fringes. The cost to clean a synthetic area rug is about $3.0 per square foot. So for 44 square feet olefin rug with fringes on the ends and moderate soiling, you will pay $132.0.
  3. Machine-made Wool Rug – These have a soft feel and their fibers are a bit thicker than those of a synthetic rug. Machine-made wool rugs include brands like Wiltons, Karastan, Couristan, as well as braided, hook rugs, and hand-tufted styles. The cost of cleaning machine-made wool rugs is approximately $4.0 per square foot. So a 100 square feet machine-made wool rug with or without fringe and heavy soiling will cost about $377.0.
  4. Hand-made Wool Rug – Also called hand-tied wool rugs, they come from many places around the world and are of different types. They usually differ both in density and thickness and come from such places as China, Pakistan, Persia, India, Romania, etc. The cost to clean a hand-made wool rug is about $4.0 per square foot. So a 54 square feet hand-tied rug with moderate soiling and stains will cost you about $216.0.
  5. Specialty Rugs – These include tapestries, viscose, silk rugs, faux silk, animal skins, and camel bags. Silk rugs are rare and expensive, and the fiber is shiny and very soft to the touch. It will cost you about $7.50 per square foot to have your specialty rug cleaned. For example, a delicate 6 square feet wall-hanging with moderate soiling will cost around $45.0.

How Long Will it Take to Steam Clean Your Rug?

Generally, steam cleaning your rug will take approximately one week, depending on your service provider. But if your rug needs repair, has a pet-urine odor, or is getting an antimicrobial treatment, then takes longer. The cost of any additional service, such as antimicrobial treatment is different from that of steam cleaning. Therefore, it can be challenging to accurate calculate How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Costs.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Rug

Now that we know How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Costs, what are the benefits? Since the 1960s, steam cleaning has gained more popularity among the various methods for cleaning rugs. Being a hot-water-extraction process, it offers more benefits than other treatments. Besides, it is known for being one of the most effective ways to extend the lifespan of your rug.

Steam cleaning is the best choice for people concerned with household hygiene and is deeper than other methods. It also delivers benefits that leave your home looking brighter and more inviting. And it even helps your pocket as it saves you from the expenses of buying and installing a new rug.

  • Steam cleaning kills dust mites, bacteria, and germs thereby protecting your family and pets from health problems.
  • Steam cleaning refreshes and restores the beauty of your rug so that it continues to have the new-rug-look.
  • Steam cleaning cleans better as it penetrates your rug fiber to extract even the stubborn soiling.
  • Steam cleaning keeps your rug in good form and extends its lifespan as long as you can.
  • Steam cleaning helps to prevent mold or fungi growth on your rug.

We hope this article helped you determine How Much Does Steam Cleaning For a Rug Costs.