Do Dry Cleaners Clean Rugs?

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Do Dry Cleaners Clean Rugs? Of the many cleaning methods available for rugs, dry cleaning may be the most convenient. Most dry cleaners will clean a rug on the same day using various tools. However, it is important to note that dry cleaning may not be the most effective method for cleaning carpets.

Vomit and urine become more alkaline over time, and it can become very difficult to remove them from the fiber. When this happens, special cleaning tools such as a steam mop or two-in-one cleaner are needed.

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How Much Does it Cost to Dry Clean a Rug?

If you’re thinking about having your rug cleaned, you probably want to know how much it costs to dry clean it. There are many options available and some companies will even offer pickup and delivery services. A professional rug cleaning service can range from $25 to $400 per square foot, but this cost may be higher if you’re located in the downtown core of major cities.

Cleaning an area rug costs between $2 to $8 per square foot. The cost depends on the type of fiber and the size of the rug. Some are expensive and require more than one cleaning, while others are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Prices also vary based on the material. For instance, synthetic fibers tend to be less expensive than natural fibers, while woolen materials require more frequent cleanings to avoid yellowing and fading.

How Long Does it Take to Clean a Rug?

Depending on their size and thickness, rugs can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day to clean. Once clean, the rug will need to dry, which may take several days depending on the climate and thickness of the pile. While some flatweave rugs can be thrown into the drying machine, most need to be air-dried.

If a stain is particularly stubborn, try cleaning it with an enzymatic stain remover. Make sure the solution is suitable for the rug’s material, because hot water may cause the stain to spread and cause fading. You can test the solution by using a corner of the rug first and then proceed with the cleaning process. If a stain remains after cleaning, you can always take it to a professional.

Is it Safe to Bring a Rug to a Dry Cleaner?

Most rugs can be cleaned at home, but expensive rugs and those made of delicate materials, such as silk and wool, are better left to the professionals. You can spot clean stains yourself, but make sure you test any cleaner in an inconspicuous area first. Dry cleaning solutions can damage rugs and make them fade more quickly. They also introduce contaminants into the home. So only use cleaning solutions that are effective for your rug.

If you are considering dry cleaning for your rug, be aware that many dry cleaners do not clean rugs themselves. Instead, they send them to a subcontractor to do the job. Since you have no way of vetting a subcontractor, you may want to think twice before using a dry cleaning service. Moreover, dry cleaning firms often do not include the details of who cleans your rug. Instead, it may be a better idea to look into a professional rug cleaning service yourself.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Rug?

The first step in cleaning a rug is to vacuum it thoroughly. Make sure to vacuum both sides to get rid of any trapped dirt and debris. Next, you will want to apply a liquid cleaner to the stain. To do this, I either use a Hoover Floormate or Bissell CrossWave. Both of these machines can Vacuum and Mop at the same time, making it extremely easy to tackle small spills.

When cleaning a spill, the best way to start is to blot it with a clean, 100% cotton cloth. Blot the area repeatedly until all the moisture is removed. Avoid rubbing the spot or blotting in circles. Doing so can cause the fibers to rot and damage the construction. After blotting the spill, rinse the area thoroughly with cold water. If necessary, repeat the process a few times.


Dry cleaners clean area rugs, but the process of cleaning these items is not as simple as just tossing them in the washing machine. While conventional cleaning can remove a lot of dirt from an area rug, some stains simply cannot be removed without the right equipment. When this happens, if you want a clean rug, you should leave it to a professional.

Dry cleaning is a convenient and fast way to clean your rugs, but there are some negatives to this process as well. While it may be convenient to send your rugs off to a dry cleaner every few months, the cost can quickly add up.

Instead, I strongly suggest that you look into a two-in-one vacuum such as the Bissell CrossWave. The Bissell CrossWave works on Carpet and will help you keep your carpet looking as good as new.

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